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DOLA PURNAMI : A people’s festival in rural #Odisha, video by Ananta Prasad #DolaPurnami

Dola Purnima – The Significance and history of Dola Purnima #Odisha #Festival #Holi

           dola purnimaDola Purnima or Holi is a popular festival of Odisha. It is the full-moon day in the month of Falguna (March). Through the festival the spring is welcomed and enjoyed with mirth and merriment. This festival has been referred to in the puranical texts as Basantotsaba or the spring-festival. Some scriptures testify that the Madanotsaba, the festival held in honour of Madana or the Cupid was later transformed as the Dolatsaba or swing-festival of Krishna. Therefore, Krishna is propitiated on this occasion as Madanamohana. Description of the festival as Dolatsaba finds mention in a number of puranas and other Sanskrit texts.0

        The Padma Purana says, “One is expiated of all sins, who gets a vision of Krishna swaying in the swing.” Though the festival of Holi is observed for a day with mirth and merriment all over the country, the festival is celebrated for five days in Odisha.

“Dolecha Dologovindam, Chapecha Madhausudhanam

Rathetu Bamanam Drustwa, Punarjanma Nalabhyate”

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