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Desia A crowd funding initiative by a Odia tour operator for Eco tourism at Koraput, #Odisha, #travel #tour #Tribal #Tourism #Desia #Koraput

Desia is a community based Rural Tourism Initiative by Heritage Tours, Bantalbiri Village and a local NGO Barefoot .Desia is built with local materials, local community, designed by reputed artist to give an contemporary artistic look with maximum level of comfort as possible for the place and uses non convention energy. Starting from construction till your departure… You will find a local touch.desia-eodisha.org


The objective of this initiative is to bring the benefit of tourism to the local tribes and other community living in the valley by making tourism a tool. This also aims to preserve the rich tribal culture among the youths by promoting their festivals, music, cuisine, rituals etc. Special focus is given to empower the local women below poverty line by providing training on various livelihood and craft development training based on the nature and local procurement.
With this they welcome you to this wonderful valley Koraput where you can listen the story of the people, their belief, their rituals, their indigenous agricultural livelihood, the weekly market (haat) and music – all fitted in a amazing landscape which explains LIVING IN HARMONY WITH NATURE beyond time.

The ethics is biased on principles of Eco Tourism and Responsible Travel where the part of the earning is spend to conserve the Eco system of the region, to bring sustainable development to the region and to provide authentic rural and ethnic Experience for the culture & nature loving Guests who come to explore this less known but spectacular valley. We strongly believe that Tourism is a tool which can not only empower the community or provide opportunity to meet another culture but also can be an instrumental to bring Peace & Harmony.DEsia-koraput-ecotourism-eodisha.org


Heritage Tours:

A  small & professional tour company from Puri in Odisha having specialization on Rural Tourism for more than two decades is the major financial partner to initiate this project. Also known as a veteran for tribal tours, Heritage tours offers special interest tours for individuals and small groups. The focus of Heritage tours is to show case the rich cultural Heritage of the country for culture loving guests by providing personalized service though the team of passionate professionals. The tours are designed to provide a learning experience than just travelling and the focus is life.desia-eodisha.org

Heritage Tours is recognized by Ministry Of Tourism, Govt of India and State tourism Department to operate tours at PVTG area (people of vulnerable tribal group). Apart from 4000 plus guests across the world, Heritage Tours is well recommended by leading guide books like Lonely Planet, Rough Guide etc.

Desia ECO Tourism is a initiative of Heritage Tours which is based on the principle of Responsible Travel & ECO Tourism.

For More details about Heritage Tours, visit  www.heritagetoursorissa.com


Barefoot also intend to involve local Children to develop their artistic skills and sports ability by organising special events on regular time schedule .

It  is a registered local NGO who patronizes volunteering and works in the field of, Environment, Education & Empowerment.desia -eodisha.org

At Desia ECO Tourism project volunteers of Team Barefoot committed to provide capacity building, & training for local youths in Tourism. Also special attention has been given to design & develop CRAFT ability among the local WOMEN by providing training and professional intervention including marketing link based on fair trade and  also welcome national, international volunteers, students from other cultural back ground who like to learn and share their knowledge with the local Tribes in field of traditional Farming, Education, Health Care, Tribal Music ETC.

For more details about Barefoot, please follow www.teambarefoot.org

Desia Village Committee:team-desia-committe

Desia village committee is responsible for day today operation starting from construction till serving the guests and participate in all decision making. This committee consist of men & women, in particular Youths from villages such as BANTABIRI, UPAPADA, BAILAPADA VILLAGES at the remote corner of Koraput Dist.Most of them are TRIBALS & HARIJAN who live below poverty line and small farming is the only livelihood for them.They are the main soul behind this DESIA ECO TOURSIM initiative.