Kutia kandh tribal dance by Shilpa Bahubalendra
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     Kutia Kondha is one of the primitive sections of Kondha tribe. The Kondha’s who live in hill top and valleys are known as Kutia Kondha. Whereas those who live in high land and near the streams are called Dongria Kondha and kondhas who are residing in plain area are known as Desia kondh.

Way of Living & Life Style

The Kutia Kondh settlement is having two rows of houses, across a rectangular space facing each other. All the Kutia kondh houses of a village maintain single roof, although each house having partition wall, and the varandha run from one end to other. The economic life of Kutia kondh is dependent on forest. They practice shifting cultivation, cultivating varities of crop and during lean period collecting food stuffs from the forest .

Dance form of Kutia Kandha :-

Dance is a performing art in which the performer express themselves with the rhythm of the music. There are many forms of dance like classical, professional i.e. theatre, belly etc , street dancing and others.. India is a land of bewildering diversity. People of diverse religion bind together here. Every society has its own dance form, one of them is Tribal Dance.

Kutia kandh tribal dance by Shilpa Bahubalendra

Indian Tribal dances are performed by the indigenous population in the country. They allude as Adivasi, possess there own culture which is distinct from the other populations. The most significant aspect of this tribal culture is dance and music. The tribal dance and music of India represents the pleasant melody, aesthetic values and rustic ethos of their community. Each tribe has its own pattern of dance and music. The practice of tribal dance and music on occasions of festivals and community functions provides entertainment and myth to the community people. This culture has been transferred from generations to generations within the tribes.

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Dancing with the rhythm of live music, the beats of instruments fills energy and excitement within the people. The music is full of dramatic, extraordinary and expressional effects and reflects the culture of the tribe.

Kutia kandh tribal dance by Shilpa Bahubalendra
Kutia kandh tribal dance by Shilpa Bahubalendra

Tribal dance in western Odisha excludes themselves from all other dance forms. It is beautiful, artistic, dramatic and deliver stories to the people. One of them is Tribal dance of Kalahandi often called as Kutia dance Singari nacha which is performed by the Kutia Kondh tribes people. The Instrument like Nisan, Dhol, Tasa, Mahuri, Dhaap, Ghudka, Taal,etc are used in the dance. The dance is performed by the youth of both sex of the tribe i.e. unmarried boys and girls holding each other waist from left hand and shoulder of the next person with right hand. The dance shows the aesthetic and artistic views of the tribe. This dance also helps the participants to choose their life partner. The unmarried boy sing the songs and dance to persuade the unmarried girl to choose him as her life partner and the girl in return perform to answer the boy. Mainly love songs are sung in this dance.
Tribal dance is a delightful art which today provide the string of progression between the inborn culture and the present and will remain as a glorified dance form forever.

Myself Shilpa Bahubalendra. Am a student pursuing my masters degree in Extension Education in college of agriculture,OUAT, BBSR. Passionate about dancing. And a proud odiya.

Author : Myself Shilpa Bahubalendra. I am a student pursuing my masters degree in Extension Education in college of agriculture,OUAT, Bhubaneswar. Passionate about dancing. And a proud odia. Reference – KBK Govt Site . If You are willing to share your article then click here

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