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Daitari Barik:  Odia Genius Engineer who made a comple wooden Cycle ; Pride of Balasore , #Odisha  #Technology

[box_info]Daitari Barik, Tina, Barunasingh, Seragarh, Balasore  Pls.Note- All materials & accessories used are made up of wooden.[/box_info]

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Vishu Maharana of the paneled age comes from an unknown village of  Tina (Barunasingh) of  Balasore. Daitari Barik is his name but he is great-known for his neighbours as “Kalia Mistri”.  So as a lotus comes from mire, his fame overflows from Utkal to entire Arayavartta.

Daitari Barik:  Odia Genius Engineer who made a comple wooden Cycle ; Pride of Balasore , #Odisha  #Technology  eodisha.org people of balasoreThe passion of art and architecture has been seen with this Kalia since his childhood. The same is to erect everything alive whether it is paper, art, soil, cement or wood. As a worthy heir of Vishu Maharana, Kalia stresses “It is worthless if an art doesn’t spell alive”
As a carpenter he comes in contact with varieties of wood with the sense of a scientist he dispels various precious qualities inherent in these wood. From that day the idea of “Wooden Bi-cycle’ lodges in his mind.  Then Orissa becomes Scotland for him and he himself gets a change into Macmillan. Long seven years more, days and nights, he spends, in his verandah laboratory, wanders in jungle and forests, village & hamlet, and under the trees beside lane & roads. Sound comes ‘thak’ ‘thak’.

Family runs without wheels. Neighbours comments him ‘ mad’. Conclusively he baffles everybody by his identical achievement “Wooden Bi-cycle”.  It is not surely superfluous to declare him as an engineer, a scientist. In most of the parts of this discovery he declares his self genuine idea and technique can be observed from chain, ball , bearing, hup, cup, spring, lock, bell, seat etc. The peculiarity of this ‘Wooden Bi-cycle’ is that everything starting from ball to seat is made of wood and wood only.