Daily Routine of a IT Guy
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Daily Routine of a IT Guy

It’s a daily plan of a IT guy who is working for TCS Bhubaneswar and he shares his daily plan during his Work From Home time . He is Subodh Behera from Chhatrapur .He is a cyclist by passion & by profession software engg .

Oh it’s corona time. Entire country is locked down.Great I am gonna eat,sleep,watch tv,sleep again. Please see… Don’t ever think to do that for this lock-down period. Do something interesting or be productive doing some work or do spend some quality times with your family.
So you beautiful people, I am just as a regular human being as you are. I love to sleeve my time as you are. I eat the same thing as you are. But in this quarantine days we all need to work on improving our lifestyle rather than living in the same old school boring lifestyle. We need to utilize complete 24 hours of our life.
Did anyone realized,we were toddlers when we used to waste our 24hours in sleeping,eating, crawling, crying,playing . Are we all gonna behave like the same toddler in our life now. Obviously not…
So let’s all do some planning on productive, interesting works in this period. So here are my recommendation for you all to enjoy the quarantine days to the fullest. Enjoy !!!
Things to do
1. (5.00-5.30)
Wake up early – I know, I know . It’s the most difficult part of most of our generation. But trust me you people, I have faith in you that you can do this.Please set your alarm clock at 5AM sharp and positively wake up at 5AM. First thing you need to do is brush your teeth while walking inside your house or corridor. If you keep brushing standing at a spot, I guarantee you you are gonna fall sleep again. Then finish up your daily chorus if you have any.
2. 5.30-6.00
Meditation,Yoga,Workout – I know I am pushing you hard in early morning. But remember every single successful person in life do morning workout to keep themselves fresh and stress free. I am not asking to do High intensity workout or complex Yoga postures. Just do the basic for 30 mins and you are good to go for the whole day. I would suggest to use DailyYoga app(for Yoga and Meditation), Fitify , Seven,Workout Trainer (for basic workout).
3. 6.00-7.00
News Paper,Podcasts – This is the most essential part of your day. Before jump into this session. Silent your device and notifications. Go through the news articles (The Hindu for general awareness, The economic times or any other business economics related news paper.) It will be very hard to find hard copy of need paper. So I suggest you to go through mobile apps. But remember never ever turn your television set or youtube to watch news . Always read newspaper. Apart from newspapers, spare some time for podcasts from inspirational people and listen to them very carefully.
4. 7.00-7.30
No Inbox Rule – What is that ? This indicates your mail inbox (let it be official mail or personal mail) shouldn’t have any unread mails.
Always check your primary mails ,spam mails,updates on mail. Also Auto categories them so that next time you will receive a mail by the person or organisation,it will automatically direct to your specified folder and your inbox will look more organised.

5. 7.30-8.00
Breakfast – A healthy breakfast in morning will boost your mind and make you more active to start Working productive. Remember A healthy breakfast doesn’t contain high amount of oil. So stop considering upma,ghuguni,poori,samosa  as healthy options. Avoid all the deep fried items ,As this will make you feel dull and stomach will start bloating.

6. 8.00-12.00
This is only for those who work home.You need to lock yourself in a room and start working till 12PM without any break and keep yourself away from your cell phone as soon as possible as you can.For others who don’t work from home can learn basic painting, learn basic dance steps, try to sing your first line, help each other with house chorus,write a blog.

7. 12.00-12.30
This is the break time, Enjoy your mobile at the fullest. Check your notifications, watch some short funny videos (remember never jump into youtube ,as this will distract and make you waste your time.)

8. 12.30-13.30
Help each other (if married or with friends) in cooking and cleaning the utensils.

9. 13.30-14.00
Finish up your lunch ,and clean your own plates. Don’t clutter in the basin. In this way you are helping the person who is doing this for his/her whole life (e.g-your mom,your dad,your wife,your sister)

10. 14.00-14.30
Time for quick walk. I know I know…it’s quarantine period,but I am not asking you to go to walk in a group. Follow the Social distancing of 1 mtrs, I just want you people to walk inside your campus, corridor or nearby places where there is no crowd or negligible crowd. Don’t forget to cover your face or use face mask. The walk doesn’t only make you feel good outside, But it’ll definitely make you feel good inside your body too.

11. 14.30-16.30
Again fasten your seat belts to work again. Keep your mobile away and start working for atleast 2hrs. For other , you all can take a quick nap for 30 minutes (14.30-15.00). Don’t forget to keep the alarm set for 15.00 and positively wake up at 15.00. Now you can focus on same things which you like painting, singing dancing,blogging etc till 16.30.

12. 16.30-17.00
I know it must be very tiring . So it’s time to recharge your body with some quick snacks.

13. 17.00-18.00
WooHooooo…Now you just need to work only for an hour. Finish up and wrap up all your mails,meetings,DSR etc. Others can do anything they want to. They have the complete freedom to do whatever they want to. Because after such tiring day they needed it most Than the person who is working from home. Do you all agree or not ?
WFH home guys blabbering, WTF…LOL But trust me guys, you all need to respect the person who stays at home doing all household chorus and still dont complain about their life to see you happy. Respect them and spare some free time for them. They don’t get paid for their work like you do. So at least ,we can ask them to take rest and we can do their task once in a week.

Office se chutti ho gayi…. Please spend some quality time with your parents and kids. Play some board games, play antakshari.

15. 19.00-20.30
Grab some popcorns and start watching a good movie. Remember never ever jump into a series,it will make you addicted and it’ll force you to complete the season on the same day.So watch only quality movies and skip web series.

16. 20.30-21.30
It’s family time. Each and all members of the family need to involve in this. They need to help each other in cooking. If you don’t know how to cook , this will be a lifetime achievement for you. You will realize ,you can cook too and tasty too.
Your wife,your mother or anybody from your family can be your mentor for this quarantine period and will make sure you can cook by yourself. In this way after quarantine period, you can give a rest day to the person and make them feel really special. Great isn’t it.

17. 21.30-22.00
Time for family dinner. All members can sit together and enjoy the food prepared by them.

18. 22.00-22.30
This is the most interactive part of the day, where you each gonna tell interesting things ever happened to you or discuss anything you want to do in life or simply chitchat within family. This will make your family bond more and more stronger.

19. Time out…
It’s time for bed . After such a long day and so much happened in day, you will definitely gonna have a good deep sleep.
Close your eyes and you are good to go.
Thank you everyone to read it till the end. I hope everyone will give it a try. You can give your suggestions and you can tell me what are other things you do during this quarantine days…
I would love hear from you.

Subodh Behera

Signing off…your friend
Subodh Insta-@SoulKeeperSubodh

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