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Odisha Climate News – Cyclone Warning : Again Cyclone Hudhud May hit Odisha on October 8 #Odisha #HudHud #Cyclone

The MET department on Monday issued a warning that Cyclone Hudhud likely to hit Odisha, Andhra Pradesh on October 8. Its intensity can be compared to that of cyclone Phalin in 2013.
cyclone-hudhud-october-7-2014_Cyclone Hudhud_eodisha.org

Cyclone Hudhud may prevail for 3-4 days over the Bay of Bengal. The MET department on Monday issued a warning of a developing cyclone over the Bay of Bengal. It may hit the eastern coast of India on October 8.

As per the forecast, a pocket of low pressure, which is expected to intensify in the next 24 hours, has been created over the Andaman Sea. This weather system may turn into a full-fledged cyclone Hudhud by Wednesday.

The system could trigger heavy rains by the time it reaches the coast around October 12. On this day last year, Phailin had crossed Odisha coast near Gopalpur.