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Chaula bara Recipe – Rice Vada- Odia Food #Odisha #Odia #Food #Recipe #Odiacuisine

Chaula bara is auntheic odia dish. It serve with ghuguni (white peas curry). Its main ingredient is parboiled rice. Here is the recipe….

chaula bara
• par boiled rice: 3cup
• split Black gram: 1 cup
• Ginger: 1inch
• Garlic :2-3/cloves (optional)
• Chopped onion: ½ cup
• Green chili : 1tsp(as per your taste)
• Cumin seeds(optional)
• baking soda: 1/4tsp
• curry leaves
• Salt as per your taste.
• Vegetable oil or deep fry.


1. Soak the rice and black gram as much water for 8 hours.
2. then grind rice, black gram, ginger, garlic and make a thick dough.
3. Add baking soda / baking powder, cumin seeds and salt.
4. Mix well for 2 mins to make a lump-free batter.
5. Now heat a deep fry pan and heat oil .
6. Take some rice batter in your hand and carefully drop this in the hot oil or you can also use spoon to drop rice batter.
7. Cook for 2 mins till the color starts changing to golden brown.
8. Flip the rice vada and cook for 2 more mins.
9. Fry them till they become golden color.
10. Now your CHAULA BARA is ready .
11. Serve hot with any sauce/chatney or Ghuguni.

By Gayatree Dey

Love to cook , Travel n Photography