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Central University of Odisha inaugurates its Poetry Club to foster creativity among youths #Odisha #PoetryClub

‘Poetry Club’ at the Central University of Orissa was inaugurated by Prof. Sachidananda Mohanty Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor at its Sunabeda campus on 24.10.16 as the Chief Guest.
Eminent poets of the region Dr. Prithidhar Samal, Dr. Sarala Behera, Sri Rabi Satapathy and Sri Jaladhar Swain were present on this occasion.


Dr. Prithidhara Samal recited her Rajadhaniru Kashipur and Tini Thara, Dr. Saral Behera recited her Paban and Jeeban. Sri Rabi Satapathy recited his Baapaa where as Sri Jaladhar Swain recited his poems Nija Geeta, Asa Ame Naiku Gadhoi Jiba.

Students and faculty members from the University also showed their talent and creative writings and recited their poems written in Odia, Hindi and English languages.

The poetry club was set up with the objectives to foster creativity among the youth and provide them a platform to recite their own creations, to invite poets of national and international repute and seek inspiration from them and analyz and assess the changing trends of poetry over the years, to instill a renewed faith in the minds of the young poets towards poetry, to facilitate the outburst of raw emotions and open ideas through wall-magazines and journals, to promote innovations (avant-garde techniques) in the style of poetry and to make individuals “wiser, better and happier”.

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