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[box_light][box_info]Bhitara Kanika National Park, Kendrapara Odisha[/box_info][/box_light]

Bhitara Kanika was under the jurisdiction of the erstwhile Kanika Estate. It is covered with deep mangrove forests and saline rivers and was declared a sanctuary on 21.04.1975. Bhitar kanika is a hot-spot of biodiversity. It’s home  to largest population of giant salt water crocodile in India. Also home to more than 215 species of avifauna including amazing eight variety of Kingfishers. It is the second largest viable Mangrove  Eco-System in India Harbours more than 70 species of Mangrove and its associates. Gahirmatha is known to be one of the largest rookery for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles


District Headquarter: Kendrapara

State Capital: Bhubaneswar

Nearest Air Port: Bhubaneswar.
Nearest Railway Station: Cuttack / Bhadrak.
How to Reach:

It can be approached by road from Rajnagar via Khola Check gate. It is about 30 Kms. from Rajnagar by road. Dangmal can also be approached from Gupti by boat through Patsala river and then Bhitarkanika nala in that order. Gupti is about 25 Kms. from Rajnagar and Dangmal is 1 Hr. 15 minutees journey by boat from Gupti. Dangmal can be approached from Chandbali by boat in Baitarani, Brahmani and the Khola creek in the Bhitarkanika Nala in that order. Travelling by boat is advisable as it entails a thrilling experience.

Journey by Power boat:
Rajnagar to Dangmal – 3 ½ Hrs.
Gupti to Dangmal – 1 ½ Hrs.
Chandbali to Dangmal – 2 Hrs.
Dangmal to Ekakula – 4 Hrs.
Chandbali to Kalibhanjadia – 2 Hrs.
Gupti to Ekakula – 3 Hrs.

Reservations and accommodations for guest house available at Dangmal, Gupti, Ekakula, Habalikhati,Bani Bhawan, Dear Dormitory, Round KB, Hental House, New cottage at Dangmal can be availed by obtaining reservation from the Wildlife Warden division office .

For Booking Contact -:


Contact Phone No. : 91-6729-242460

FAX: 91-6729-242464