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Bhadrakali Famous Temple For Goddess ,Bhadrak #Odisha #Temple

Description :

One of the famous temple of Goddess Bhadrakali is located in the outskirts of the revenue village Aharapada which is at a distance of 8 kms away from Bhadrak town in the south- west direction.The premier Deity Durga being born out of yagna fire has assumed the name of Bhadrakali and has blessed the region. The presence of Sri Jagannath (the last incarnation of Krishna) in the same platform marks the peaceful coexistence of the place.When we try to reconstruct the glorious cultural heritage of the district the very first thing that strikes our mind is the name of Goddess Mahakali from Meghasani (origin of the river Salandi) to Bhadrakali, the daughter of Salandi – Presiding Deity of the region – Mahamaya Bhadrakali .Bhadrakali

As Per Wiki:

Bhadrakālī (Sanskrit: भद्रकाली, (literally “Good Kali,“) is a Hindu goddess popular in Southern India. She is one of the fierce forms of the Great Goddess (Devi) mentioned in the Devi Mahatmyam. Bhadrakali is the popular form of Devi worshipped in Kerala as Sri Bhadrakali and Kariam Kali Murti Devi. In Kerala she is seen as the auspicious and fortunate form of Kali who protects the good. It is believed that Bhadrakāli was a local deity that was assimilated into the mainstream Hinduism, particularly into Shaiva mythology. She is represented with three eyes, and four, twelve or eighteen hands.

 District Headquarter :  Bhadrak

State Capital : Bhubaneswar

Nearest Railway Station : Bhadrak

Nearest Airport :Bhubaneswar

How to Reach :     
By taking taxi from bhadrak town one can reach the place.