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BDA to enforce an energy conservation building code in #SmartCity #Bhubaneswar #Odisha

Bhuabneswar: A half day stakeholder meet was organized by the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) at Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Conference Hall on Friday to implement Enforcement of Energy Conservation Building (ECBC) in order to ensure energy efficiency in the upcoming buildings in Bhubaneswar.

Inaugurating the stakeholders’ meet Costas Theofylaktos, Project Team Leader, Exergia SA, briefed about the project approach to implement ECBC in Odisha. Sudhi Ranjan Mohanty, Planning Member, BDA, explained adoption of ECBC in the development plan of Odisha. Rajeev Ralhan, Project Local Coordinator, PwC India, highlighted the objectives of ECBC enforcement in Odisha. Dr Krishan Kumar, Vice Chairman, BDA, had concluded his remarks on the integration of ECBC in smart city plan and his expectations from this project.

The key objective of this stakeholder meet was to discuss and take feedback of all the major stakeholders in order to finalize this draft action plan prepared by the ECBC-Cell of BDA, to ensure energy efficiency in the upcoming building sector of Bhubaneswar. The State Government had mandated Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) in 2011 and BDA had incorporated ECBC norms in its (Planning and Building Standards) Regulations 2008 (amended 2013); to ensure energy efficiency in the buildings within Bhubaneswar development area.

In this regard, BDA with support of European Union (EU) is facilitating implementation of ECBC in Bhubaneswar. For this purpose EU has engaged Exergia (Energy and Environment S.A, Greece) and Price water house Coopers (PwC) Private Limited, India and an ECBC-Cell is functioning in BDA since December 2016. The ECBC-Cell has developed a detail action plan to enforce ECBC in the building approval process.  src News Odisha

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