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Bhubaneswar : A casual bicycle ride of 3 senior officers of the state in the year 2013 brainstormed the plans for organizing a formal cycling club in the Temple City – Bhubaneswar. Subsequently, in the year 2014 BCAC (Bhubaneswar Cycling & Adventure Club) received its formal recognition and keep spreading its charm year-after-year with new adventures, new dimensions, new explorations and new brain-inductions. On this 21st of April, 2020, BCAC has completed 7 years of its existence in Bhubaneswar through a vast team of formal and informal fitness enthusiasts, explorers, adventurists and nature lovers.

BCAC Observes Its 7th Foundation Day In-Line With The On-Going Lockdown Norms
BCAC Observes Its 7th Foundation Day In-Line With The On-Going Lockdown Norms

As the country is undergoing a concerning phase of Covid-19 pandemic, Odisha is under complete lockdown till 3rd of May, 2020 for the time being. Respecting the lockdown norms, the members of BCAC were advised to mark this Foundation Day observing a strict social distance and without violation of lockdown guidelines. All active members were requested to record their fitness activity/ shopping activity/ social activity through their favourable Fitness Apps and to our surprise we received much more responses than expected from the members of BCAC while maintaining a perfect social distance.

While some members completed their runs indoor inside the houses, some preferred to walk on the terrace, garden and rooftops. Some even climbed stairs and run across the pavements of their own house boundaries. Some members, who were shopping for essential groceries, vegetables, milk, medicines and other daily-needs, preferred to walk to the shops and vendors and recorded their activities. Some others preferred to take their cycles out to feed stray animals on the way, who are suffering the most due to the complete lockdown of Bhubaneswar. It was indeed a great assimilation of diverse physical activities, directed towards social and personal needs. Though this plan was proposed voluntary for all members, we could see a huge participation of active members doing various activities from their home in the city and abroad.

At the end of the day, we at BCAC visualize us as a grand family spreading apart maintaining social distance in the time of this global pandemic. Together, we promise to maintain this distance and practice lockdown norms as implemented by the Government. We promise to perform our small roles in defending Corona together and drive it out from the country with a collective response.

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