Basanta Panchami
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The Ratha Yatra of Mahaprabhu Jagannath is approaching. 3 Chariots will be prepared for this purpose.Therefore the Wood Anukula Ritual has been completed today on the occasion of Basant Panchami.

Basanta Panchami : Ratha Wood Anukula Ritual at Puri
Basanta Panchami : Ratha Wood Anukula Ritual at Puri

#RathaJatra2021 : Today on the auspicious occasion of Basanta Panchami ‘Ratha Katha Anukula Puja’ was held in front of Shree Jagannatha Temple Office, #Puri in adherence to prevailing traditions and rituals.

Today in the evening,the Anukula puja was completed at the Ratha Khala Infront of The Shrimandir Temple Administration Office.

The 3 12ft logs of wood brought from Nayagada have been purified by Puja rituals.The puja was done by Rajaguru. According to Ratha Sanhita,865 pieces of wood are required for the construction of the 3 chariots. The construction work will begin on Akhaya Trutiya. src Jai Jagannath

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