Did you know Baripada Jagannath Temple also known as Haribaldev Temple ? #Mayurbhanj
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Did you know Baripada Jagannath Temple also known as Haribaldev Temple ? #Mayurbhanj

Did you know Baripada Jagannath Temple also known as Haribaldev Temple ? #Mayurbhanj
Did you know Baripada Jagannath Temple also known as Haribaldev Temple ? #Mayurbhanj

History of Baripada Jagannath Temple :

The District of Mayurbhanj preserves many temples built in different styles of Odisha architecture, such as Rekha, Bhadra and Gauriya. Among the Rekha temples the most important are the temples of Kakharua Baidyanath at Manatri of this District and that of Lord Jagannath at Baripada.

The temple of Lord Jagannath at Baripada is universally known as Haribaldevjew temple. It was built by Shri Baidyanath Bhanj in 1575 A.D. on the same architectural principles of Kakharua Baidyanath temple. The temple stands as a symbol of the religious favour of the Bhanja Rulers of Mayurbhanj and is regarded as the Queen Monad among the princely states during the pre-merger days.

There goes a saying that Maharaja Baidyanath Bhanj had been to Puri to have a Darshan of Lord Jagannath. Failing to offer the demanded gold coins, the king was denied to have a ‘Darshan’. Another version to the legend goes like this- When the Maharaja went to Puri in royal splendour with the accompaniment of ‘CHHATRO’ and ‘CHAMORO’ the Gajapati of Puri refused permission as it was display of higher status que over the ‘Thakur Raja of Puri’. The prevailing custom then was that the devotees to Puri will come as common man without showing of any supremacy over the Gajapati ‘who is Chalanti Vishnu Designate’.

The Maharaja went in penance near the Atharnala, outskirt of Puri. In a dream he was ordered by Lord Jagannath to construct a temple in Baripada so that he would come down to aasuage his devotee. Showing deference to wishes of Lord Jagannath he got constructed the majestic temple at Baripada. Like Puri ,all the rituals for Lord Jagannath , Lord Balabhadra and Devi Suvadra are perfomed here at Baripada. The Bhanja Rulers, whose royal patronage in the field of architecture was at par excellence, would be remembered for their magnificent offering to Lord Jagannath in getting built the Jagannath temple prototype of Puri.

Every year Car festival is celebrated on the day after the day on which Car festival is celebrated at Puri. The three deities come to the Radhamohan Temple (Mausimaa Mandir) during car festival which lasts for two days. The speciality of the Baripada Car festival is that only ladies can pull the chariot of Maa Subhadra.

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How to Reach :

  • By Air : Nearest airports are Bhubaneswar (270 kms) and Kolkata (240 km)
  • By Train : Nearest railway station is Baripada well connected to the Balasore (60 km from Baripada)
  • By Road : Baripada, the district headquaters of Mayurbhanj, on the junction of NH 5 and 6, is 170 km from Bhubaneswar, 240 from Kolkata and 60 km from Balasore

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