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Description :

The ruins of Barabati Fort with its most and gate and the earthen mounded of the nine-storied palace of the Ganga dynasty lie on the bank of the river Mahanadi as the silent witness of the vicissitudes of Odishan history.Barabati fort boasts of the glorious rule of the mighty empire of Ganga rulers.Barabati fort is located very next to the Barabati International Cricket Stadium not far away from the Banks of Kathajodi River. It’s a beautiful place very different that the otherwise busy cuttack city.The installation of Flood light system is another attraction of Barabati Stadium. Nearly is the ultramodern Jawaharlal Nehru Air-conditioned Indoor Stadium having a sitting capacity for 6,000 person.Barabari Fort

As Per Wiki:

Barabati Fort (Oriya: ବାରବାଟି ଦୁର୍ଗ)is a 14th-century fort built by the Ganga dynasty near Cuttack, Odisha. The ruins of the fort remain with its moat, gate, and the earthen mound of the nine-storied palace, which evokes the memories of past days. Today it sits next to the modern Barabati Stadium, the venue of various sport events and cultural programs. There is also a temple dedicated to Katak Chandi, the presiding deity of the city.

District Headquarter :  Cuttack

State Capital : Odisha

Nearest Railway Station : Cuttack

Nearest Airport : Bhubaneswar

How to Reach :     By Road and Rail