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Balimela Dam,Malkangiri District #odisha #Dam #Tourist Place

Description :

Balimela Dam is in Malkangiri District, which is 35 kms, from the east of Malkangiri.The Balimela ambush followed by the April 2010 Chintalnar incident in Chhattisgarh, where 75 CRPF jawans were killed, may have given the Naxals an upper hand,A dam is being constructed at Chitrakonda, 25 kms. from Balimela across the river Sileru. The total inflow into the reservoir is shared equally by the two Governments.The first unit of Balimela plant was commissioned in 1973.Balimela Dam

As Per Wiki:

Water to the Balimela Power Station is taken from Balimela Reservoir through a 4 K.Ms. long Pressure Tunnel, which ends in a Surge Shaft of 20 Meters diameter and 79 Meters high. Four numbers of Steel Penstocks 3.7 Meters diameter and 183 Meters long take-off from the Surge Shaft to Butter Fly Valve House.

District Headquarter : Malkangiri

State Capital : Bhubaneswar

Nearest Railway Station : Jeypore

Nearest Airport : Visakhapatnam

How to Reach :

  1. Balimela is situated 30 Kilometers away from District Headqaurter of Malkangiri.
  2. The Bus services are available from Malkangiri and Jeypore
  3. .The nearest Railway Station is Jeypore.
  4. Tourist travelling in Railways are advised to drpo at Jeypore and pick the local buses directly connected to the place.
  5. Visitors who visit by air are suggested to connect Visakhapatnam Airport to reach Malkangiri
  6. .The Visakhapatnam is 270 Kilimoters away from Malkangiri by road.