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Baigani||ବାଇଗଣି||(brinjal/eggplant fritter)-Odia Famous snackss
Baigani is an brinjal/eggplant fritter..its a famous tea time snack in Odisha.

1. Brinjal- 2nos
2. Bengal gram-1 cup
3. Turmeric Powder-1/4tsp
4. Coriander Powder-1/4tsp
5. Cumin Powder- 1/4tsp
6. Red Chili Powder- 1/2tsp
7. Salt as per taste
8. baking soda-pinch
9. Oil for fry

Procedure: How to prepare Baigani||ବାଇଗଣି in Odia Style :-

1. Slice the brinjals into circles as per shown in figure.
2.Add salt,turmeric powder and rub it all over the binjal pieces.
3.Mix Coriander Powder,Cumin Powder, Red Chili Powder,Salt,baking soda,Bengal gram and water in a bowl, make a thick batter.
4.Heat oil on frying pan. Deep each brinjal pieces into batter and sleep into hot oil.
5.Fry it till it both side turn golden brown. Remove it from oil and put on paper kadhai.
6. Serve it with any kind of chatney