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AUDIO BOOKS for the Visually Challenged, an initiative by #WE4YOU #Bhubaneswar

  1. WHO WE ARE ??

WE4YOU,  A voluntary organization by young minds working in Odisha, Delhi, Bengaluru since last 6 years .


We are working for providing  accessible education to visually challenged  students & enhancing their  skills. We are converting all text books into Audio format. School & College students can listen to it & study easily. We are covering all over Odisha & few from outside states. Covering 15,000 students approx per year.


Problem:-              Visually Impaired students depend on Braille Text books to study. There are 12 million blind students present in all over India & there are only 10 Braille Press across India, which are not capable of supplying Braille books to 12 million blind students.

In Odisha, there are more than 2 lakh blind people & almost 25,000 are students (class 1 to PHD level). Braille books are not available for college students at all. Only schools students can access Braille books from their library. So thousands of  students cant study due to shortage of books.

Many people request their friends to read the book for them loudly or to record it for them, but its tough to get a friend who will be always there with them. Few people charges a lot cause it takes too much time. Some people try to record the class lectures but they are too much noisy & sometimes the teachers also don’t allow them to record their lectures & we all know in our state teachers never finish all courses in time & that’s why people have to go for extra tuitions which became another burden for the visually challenged.


We4You is converting all books into Audio format by engaging more than 50 volunteers . Whoever approaches us for any extra books, we also record it for them. We never charge money cause maximum of them are financially not stable. As we all know Blind people have a sharper memory than us , so they can easily memorize the things  & perform well in exams.

There are few people in different schools &  colleges who are securing 80% by accessing our audio books.  So this is a solution for giving them same  facility like normal students.Our Audio Books can’t replace the Braille books 100% but yes, we all know something  is better than nothing. These audio books can make lives by providing access to education.We have few Audio recording set up in Bhubaneswar which are being used to produce Audio Books. We also give small microphones to volunteers who can’t come to the center regularly & they record in their home.


We send the Audio files in DVD cassettes to all schools, colleges, organizations working for blind & to students representatives for all areas in post. Students can take the files in pendrive or Bluetooth also & they can listen using their mobile phones or MP3 players. We are developing an android app & a website from where the students can directly download the audio files. We will also organize a distribution ceremony in Bhubaneswar & invite representatives from all institutions to collect the Audio Books .


We are planning to give Audio books to 50,000 blind students studying in different schools in colleges in all over Odisha & our neighbour states, by the end of 2017. We will have a good studio setup to produce quality audio materials. We will cover Class 6 books to Post graduation level books, teachers training books/B.E.D books & books for competitive exams. We will have a database of all the students who will use our books.


We will prepare Audio Books for all over India students for English, Hindi, odia languages by the end of 2020. We will cover CBSE, ICSE & few state syllabus & gradually we will add all languages within 2025. We will reach out to each & every blind student of India by the end of 2025.

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