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Anala Nabami – Radha Pada Darshana at Sakhi Gopinath – Sakhi Gopal , #Puri

Anala Nabami – Today on the occasion of Anla Nabami housands of devotees assembled at the Sakhi Gopinath temple at Sakhigopal near puri. Today it was the rare occasion of getting a chance to view Goddess Radha’s feet that pulled the crowd. Anla Nabami is observed on the ninth day of the waxing phase of moon in the Kartik month. It is believed that viewing Radha’s feet and worshipping the amla tree on this day brings great fortune to devotees. This is the only day in the year when the feet of the goddess can be viewed.

Amla Navami – One auspicious festival in kartika month

            Anala Nabami festival also known as ‘Radha Pada Darshana‘ is celebrated in Odia Magha month. ‘Anala Navami’ is specially observed in the temple of ‘Sakhi Gopinatha’ at Sakhigopal, where large gathering is made to offer darshana to the ‘Skin Foot’ of Radha. Throughout the year her foot is covered with her dress, only on this day devotees are allowed to see her foot. On this day Goddess Jagadhatri (Maha Saraswati Sakti) is worshipped.

Goddess Radha is decorated with saris and embellishments throughout the year. So her feet are always kept covered. Only on the auspicious day of Anla Nabami, devotees get a chance to view the feet and hence the ritual is known as Radha pada darshan. The goddess is decorated in traditional Oriya costume on this occasion. src Nirmalya wave

Anala Nabami
                 The popular belief is that during the Kartik month gods and sages reside on the Awala Tree. Therefore worshipping Awala during the period can help in destroying sins and in fulfilling wishes. The Puranas also equate Awala Tree with Goddess Lakshmi. Awala is also known as Dhatri and thus the worship is essentially for prosperity and auspiciousness.
  The Awala fruit ripens during the period and therefore it is also a sort of thanksgiving to Nature. The medicinal and therapeutic value of Awala is very famous and is used in India for various medicinal purposes especially in Ayurveda. The day is observed as Anla Navami in Odisha . by Harihar Rautaray

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