Amruta Dhara - For the first time Free Oxygen Shelter in Odisha eodishaorg
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Amruta Dhara – For the first time Free Oxygen Shelter in Odisha – Smile Please

For oxygen No one will suffer at Odisha. Sabyasachi Mishra, actor feel great to announce that the first ever mega Oxygen Shelter “Amruta Dhara” launched today at Bhubaneswar. This is a joint initiative of Smile Please, Sparsh Hospitals & The Odisha Society of the Americas – Health & Wellness Group. Thanks to BMC for giving us the permission to serve .

Keeping in mind the need of acid in the Covid pandemic, Smile Please, Sparsha Hospital and The Odisha Society of America Health and Wellness Group (OSA-HWG) have started an innovative initiative like a free Oxygen shelter named ′′ Amrut Dhara Sushant Kumar Rout, MLA Bhubaneswar-North, Dr. on the occasion of its inauguration today. Priyabrat Dhir, Chief Manager of Sparsha Hospital, Sabyasachi Mishra, actor and social worker, Dr. Avinash Samal, Head of Emprio Group, Dr. Amrit Patyoshi, Prof. Hitech Medical, Pravin Agarwal, Social Worker and Jonal Deputy Commissioner Purandar Nanda Chief were present.

For the first time such a free oxygen shelter has been started at Trishna Banquet located in Patia Bigbazar, under the approval of BMC. Covid patients with oxygen need can be saved from hypoxia (drops in blood oxygen level) by providing oxygen in this shelter until they get bed in an approved Covid hospital. Even if it is not a Covid-related treatment center, patients will be given oxygen for one to two hours in the presence and consultation of doctors and nurses.

Amruta Dhara - For the first time Free Oxygen Shelter  in Odisha  eodishaorg

The shelter will provide food along with Oxygen, psychological counseling at necessary places and Jeevan Jyoti ambulance services for hospital relocation. It is expected to be appreciated as a post Covid center in the coming days.

Two numbers 7894433829 and 8093822322 have been issued to contact this center. Actor Sabyasachi thanked OSA-HWG, Sparsha Hospital authorities and BMC for their cooperation by expressing that many people will benefit from this center.

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