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Amazing Odisha – Accuracy of the Sundial at Konark Sun temple which built in 1250 A.D. People still use it today for time #Odisha #Konark #Sundial #SunTemple #India

History of Great Wheel of Konark and It’s Use

The wheels of the chariot are also symbolic and have been interpreted as the ‘Wheel of Life‘. They portray the cycle of creation, preservation and achievement of realization. The diameter of each of the wheels is about nine(2.73 metres) feet and each of them has a set eight equal parts. They are elaborately carved all over.

src shreekhetra
src shreekhetra

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The thicker ones are all carved with circular medallions at their centres on the widest part of the face. The axels of the wheels project by about one foot from the surface, having similar decorations at their ends. The rims are carved with designs of foliages with various birds and animals, whereas the medallions in the spokes are carved with the figures of women in various luxurious poses, mostly of erotic nature. These wheels may also possibly represent the twelve Zodiacs. (src: shreekhetra)

Let’s take a look at the accuracy of the Sundial at Konark Sun temple in India built in 1250 A.D. People still use it today to tell time. Let me show you a short clip of a tour guide figuring out the time and then Video will explain how this sundial works

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