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The excellent array of tall and slender nayika (alasa-kanya) figures carved in high relief significantly increases the importance of Rajarani temple…

Tall and slender nayika figures carved increases the importance of Rajarani temple , #Bhubaneswar
Photo write with Saroj Kumar Mohapatra

Sybaritic body and graceful standing position of these Apsaras (alasa-kanya), the celestial entertainer, a characteristic feature of the sculpture created during 11th century sculptural art of Odisha. Apsaras represent earthly fertility and also the generative forces of divine. Legends has it the myriads of Apsara born out of churning Ocean; possess beauty, grace and youthful charm, and that with these sculptures they are clad with heavenly gems (Alankara).

These tall slender Alasa-kanyas on the walls of Rajarani temple are some of the most beautiful lady figures created anywhere in India……

Here is a beautiful Alaska-kanya carved in Salabhanjika(Woman breaking Sal bough motif) theme from Rajarani temple (built in 11th centuries A.D.) in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

Article researched & written by Saroj Kumar Mohapatra

By Saroj Kumar Mohapatra

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