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Akshyaya Trutiya 2017 Date :The Hindu Festival in Odisha #Odisha #Festival #SMS #Wallpaper

          Akshaya Tritiya  is an important festival for  the people of Odisha which is generally observed  on the third day of the bright half` of the lunar  month of “Baisakha” of the traditional Hindu   calendar. It is one of the four most auspicious days   of the year for Hindus.

Event and Festivals in Odisha which falls on May Month #Odisha #Events #Dates #Festival #Panji

The word Akshaya, a  Sanskrit word, literally means one that never  diminishes, and the day is believed to bring good  luck and success. It is widely celebrated in all parts of India by different  sections of the society irrespective of their religious faith and social grouping.  The day is particularly considered auspicious for buying long term  assets like  gold and silver, including ornaments made of the same; diamond and other precious stones; and the real estate. The legend states that any venture initiated on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya shall continue to grow and  bring prosperity. Hence, it is normal to see many of the new ventures, like starting a business, ground breaking for construction etc on the Akshaya Tritiya Day.

Good Things starts on Akshaya Trutiya – Traditionally A good day to Start New Possibilities #AkshayaTrutiya

  1. Ratha Work of Lord Jagannath starts on this Day .
  2.  The triad will be dressed in the Chandana-Lagi Besha for 42 days, starting today, #AkshayaTrutiya.
  3. #AkshayaTrutiya is a v auspicious day in Odia culture; making of holy chariots for RathaJatra strts today.
  4. #AkshayaTrutiya: Today is also the birth anniversary of poet Jayadev.
  5. #AkshayaTrutiya is an agricultural festival. On dis day the farmer ceremonially starts sowing seeds in the field
  6. The famous Chandan Jatra of Lord Jagannath starts from this day #AkshayaTrutiya.

 Date of Akshyaya Trutiya 2017 –

  • In 2017 Akshaya Tritiya falls on 29th April 2017

Akshaya Tritiya, or Akha Teej, is a highly auspicious day which falls on the third day after Amavasi (no moon) in the Hindu month of Vaishakha. Akshaya Tritiya 2017 date is April 29. In western parts of India (Maharashtra and Gujarat) it is marked on April 28. As per Hindu astrology and almanac, each second on the Akshaya Trithiya day is auspicious. It is said that there is no need to look for a ‘muhurat’ on the day. The word Akshaya means ‘that which never diminishes’ and the day is ideal for beginning new ventures as it is believed that all investments on this day appreciates.

Wishes of Akshaya Tritiya:-

  • Wish you Happy Akshaya Tritiya.
  • May Lord Jagannath Bless you .
  • Akshaya Tritiya Greetings for you and your family .
  • ଅକ୍ଷୟ ତୃତୀୟା ର ଶୁଭେଛା ଓ ଶୁଭକାମନା
  • ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ ତୁମ ଚଲାପଥ କୁସୁମିତ କରନ୍ତୁ॰

Legend Behind the Akshaya Tritiya Festival:-

According to Hindu mythology, on this day the Treta Yuga began; and the  Ganges River, the most holy and sacred river of India, descended to the earth from the heaven. Akshaya Tritiya is traditionally observed as the birthday of Parusurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Puranas spoke about how he reclaimed the land from the sea.

The Sun and Moon are astrologically believed to be at their most exalted equal brightness on this day. The brightness is at its best at the west coast of India. Goa and Konkan regions, even today, are referred to as Parusurama Kshetra. The day is generally observed by fasting and worship Lord Vasudeva with rice grains. The day gains more importance when it falls on a Monday or under Rohini Star. A dip in the Ganges on this day is considered to be very auspicious.

RITUAL of Akshaya Tritiya in Odisha –

eodisha.org wallpaper- Akshyaya Trutiya Odia Wallpaper Greeting – Akshyaya Trutiya Odia Wallpaper – Akshyaya Trutiya Wallpaper -Akshyaya Trutiya PosterAkshyaya Trutiya is exclusively an  agricultural festival celebrated on the third day of the Hindu year through  out Odisha. On this day the farmer  ceremonially starts sowing seeds in the field, especially paddy. Early in the morning, farmers in their respective homes arrange the materials for the ritual. After taking ablution in a river or tank they wear new clothes and carry the seeds in new baskets. In the field offerings are made to Lakshmi, the ‘Goddess of wealth’, which the farmers do it themselves. Then they sow seeds ceremonially praying the Goddess for a rich bumper crop. In the evening feasts (strictly vegetarian) are arranged in respective homes. In western Orissa, this festival is called ‘Muthi Chhuan’. Eating of green leaves (‘Shag’) is forbidden for the day. It is observed by all farmers irrespective of their caste and creed.

Odia Greetings of Akshyaya Trutiya – Akshyaya Trutiya  Odia Wallpaper :-

eodisha.org wallpaper- Akshyaya Trutiya Odia Wallpaper Greeting – Akshyaya Trutiya Odia Wallpaper – Akshyaya Trutiya Wallpaper -Akshyaya Trutiya Poster

eodisha.org wallpaper- Akshyaya Trutiya Odia Wallpaper Greeting – Akshyaya Trutiya Odia Wallpaper – Akshyaya Trutiya Wallpaper -Akshyaya Trutiya Poster

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