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Aayna Mohanty – A 13 yrs Old Junior Versatile Odissi exponent

Aayna Mohanty is only 13 years old but has already made a benchmark in the field of Odissi culture in Odisha . She has been awarded many from Nrutya Shree, Tribhanga Kala Samanna, Nrutya Bharati, Kalashree Kamala Award, Bimohana Kala Samanna and Nrutya Padmaja .

Aayna Mohanty won in the junior category at the International Dance & Music Olympiad 2017 as well .

Aayna Mohanty - A 13 yrs Old Junior Versatile Odissi exponent

Her father is a Mathematics professor Pradip Kumar Mohanty and mother is a homemaker Suryasnata Das, studying at ODM Public School started showing keen interest in dance at the tender age of four. since unwards, Odissi has become an integral part of her life.

Carrier of Odissi Dancer Aayna Mohanty

Name-Aayna Mohanty
Guru-Smt Sonali Mohapatra
Studies in ODM public School.

Achievements of Odissi Dancer Aayna Mohanty

  • She has performed in Nrutya Naivedya 2017,Naveen kalakar2017 received Nrutya Shree Award.
  • She also participated in International Dance & Music Olympiad 2017 and received the best Odissi dancer in the junior section.
  • Awarded Nrutya Shree in Cuttack Mahutsav 2018 & got  2nd best odissi dancer in junior section @ cuttack Mahutsav 2018.
  • She also participated in Nrutya Naivedya 2018.
  • Participated in International dance and theatre Olympiad and got Nrutya Bharati Award.She also got 1st prize in the festival.
  • She also got many prizes in school and state level competitions. 
  • She got 3rd prize in Virasat conducted by XIMB.
  • She has been  to be awarded Nrutya Padmaja in Cuttack Mahoutsav( All India Music and Dance Festival)
  • She  has performed in All India Dance Music and Art Festival conducted by Tribhanga Kala Niketana in 2018 and got Tribhanga Kala Sanmana Award.
  • Performed in International Dance Festival( IIDF 2018)
  • She performed in Sisira Sarasa 2018
  • She performed in Balijatra 2018
  • She also participated in Bimohana Festival (Future faces)and got Bimohana Kala sanmana in 2018
  • Performed in the evening session of Vasanta Utsav organized by Nrutyanjali New Delhi in 2018.
  • Got 3rd prize in Suravi competition and will be awarded in May 2018.
  • She performed in Bharatiya Kala Sanskriti Award conducted by Tribhanga kala Niketan and was awarded Bharat Kala Sankriti Award in 2019
  • Performed in Bharatiya Kalashree Sanman 2019 and was awarded Kalashree kamala Award in 2019
  • Performed in Nrutyanjali Festival 2019
  • Performed in Balijatra 2019.Both in Solo n group.
  • Participated in Odissi International 2019.
  • Participated in International Dance Congress 2019.
  • Participated in the evening session of Kalingayana Touratrikam Festival 2020.
  • Participated in #eOdishaOrgFacebookLive at eOdisha.Org Facebook page during corona time.

Her profile published in Odissa Post as well .