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98th Birthday Anniversary of Odia Pua Biju Patnaik #BijuPatnaik #BirthAnniversary #MassiveRespect #ବିଜୁ_ପଟ୍ଟନାୟକ #କଳିଙ୍ଗ_ଷଣ୍ଢ #ପଞ୍ଚାୟତିରାଜ_ଦିବସ (Article by  Gorvachove Pothal )

Perhaps no other leader occupied the imagination of the people of Odisha like Biju Patnaik; freedom fighter, pilot, industrialist, politician and philanthropist. He was Odisha’s restless son and became a legendary hero. His ability to create confidence among people and inspire them was phenomenal.

98th Birthday Anniversary of Odia Pua Biju Patnaik #BijuPatnaik #BirthAnniversary #MassiveRespect

Born On: 5th March, 1916 Born In: Cuttack, Orissa Died On: 17th April, 1997 Career: Politician and Social Activist .  Man is mortal, but his deeds make him immortal. He attains immortality by dint of his brave and heroic actions. Biju Patnaik was such an immortal man. Respected as a messiah and admired as an epitome of courage, Biju Patnaik stood like a colossus. He was respected by the masses for his charisma. He was a man who created history, changed history and shaped history. And the history he shaped was the history of modern Odisha. His mission was the emancipation of Odisha from poverty and negligence.

The true son of the soil, he demonstrated pride and self respect of the Odias. He did not budge before anyone, however powerful he might be. The only interest he had was the dignity and honour of the Odias. It was evident in his speeches in the State Legislature and in the Parliament, in his recorded discussions and interviews to the Press, and in his correspondences. He wanted the Odias to achieve excellence in every field.

An Odia boy born seven decades after this great Odia was born feels proud of the fact that he is born to the same race to which Biju Patnaik belongs. No other Odia has ever bridged such a generation gap. His life is an extraordinary saga of adventure and sacrifice, valour and dedication.

He tried to follow the saying of Bhima Bhoi, a nineteenth century poet, who wrote:

“Boundless is the anguish and
misery of the living
who can see it and tolerate ?
Let my soul be sent to hell
but let the universe be redeemed.”

These are the lines, which Biju often quoted and followed. I pay my profound respects to this legend on the eve of his birth anniversary. _/\_