5th edition of Shubhdristi launched on Durgashtami
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Fifth edition of Shubhdristi launched on Durgashtami. 

Shubhdristi has launched the fifth and latest edition titled Shubhdristi Parbana Arghya (ଶୁଭଦୃଷ୍ଟି ପାର୍ବଣ ଅର୍ଘ୍ୟ). This particular edition is very special because it focused on Gosani Jatra, the unique Durga Puja celebration of Shrikshetra Puri & interview of Sibasankar Das, renowned artist. 

The fifth edition is also compiled with articles on Khudurukuni Osha, Recent issues of Odisha, Gandhiji’s message along with stories and poetries of various odia writers. While A P Subhakanta was its Founder and editor, he was co-edited by Pravat Bal and Abhilipsa.

5th edition of Shubhdristi launched on Durgashtami

The team used Lisa Das’s art on Durga maa to cover the magazine. Previously the team was praised by Rajya Sabha MP and Rajya Sabha Vice-Chairman Dr Sasmit Patel. You can read the fifth edition of the magazine at this link bit.ly/Shubhdristi5 from their website or from MAGZTER. 

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