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[box_info]4D Sand Art by Manas Kumar Sahoo at “SANTA’S WONDER LAND”[/box_info]
4D Sand Art by Manas Kumar Sahoo at “SANTA'S WONDER LAND”
              The reputed international artist in sand sculpture & sand animation Mr. Manas Ku Sahoo with the student of Manas’s institute of sand ar t& animation have constructed a four dimensional art of a world record height of 48ft ever built by any artist in the world. This sculpture has Santa Claus along with palace in the front side, Jesus Christ on the backside & palace in both the other sides. The art has been named as “Santa’s Wonder ;land”. Santa Claus in this art communicate to all the people of the world the message of peace, prosperity&progress.The colossal construction of the sculpture is out of 900 tones sand for 40hours of hard effort by them. 
It is built on thieve of ensuing Christmas. The huge creation appearing as quite impossible was viewed with surprise and astonishment by local people, other artist including sculpture artist &foreign visitors.They are appreciation was beyond any description.