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3 Odia students of Chandra Sekhar Academy, #Puri Got selected for Jenesys Program #Japan Govt Japan Govt. Jenesys Program which selects 3 students and 1 teacher from Chandra Sekhar Academy to go to Japan for 8 days. Kindly put your efforts to make the coverage wider since three rural students and a rural teacher participating the program. This is all done by India Japan Ambassador Kunna Dash .

A distinctive CBSE school in the name & style Chandra Sekhar Academy conceived at the out-skirts of Puri township on Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road at Balighai in the year 2004. Besides regular CBSE curricula, Japanese language and culture is taught as an elective subject from Nursery to Std.X. The school also take higher Japanese classes for Std.XI, XII & University students. This is the only CBSE school in Odisha which nurtures Japanese language & culture with utmost precision and neatness.

The surrounding villages and hamlets those encircle the school like Baliguali, Beladala, Chaitana, Dalanai, Bhuan, Bangara etc. have got the rare privilege of sending their children to this school and thereby educate them with CBSE curricula along with Japanese language & culture. Over more than a decade of its edu-service to the township as well as the rural community of coastal Odisha made the school stand majestic over four acres of land in a lush-green, eco-friendly environment to chant its hymn of success.

The school is not only popular for catering education to the rural community of Odisha but also popular in far off Japan for its relentless service to make students learn Japanese language & culture and thereby bridge up the gap of communication between Japan & India. So, every year students of different Universities of Japan under internship come and join with the students of this school to exchange their language, culture, habitat etc. with them and also on a reciprocal gesture show their interest for Odishan language , culture and life-style.

Besides student exchange program different traditional folk artists of Japan organize a stage-show here every year where Japanese & Odishan artists join together to share each other’s music, tune , dance-form etc. to commemorate their solidarity & brotherhood. With the invitation of Japanese artists many artists from Odisha have been to Japan to perform their exquisite art-form amid greetings, cheers and accolades. The school is excellent for its legacy & heritage. Curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are precisely performed here to train young minds with utmost sincerity and dedication.

This is the only school in India which has been privileged to participate in two of the mega international projects of Japan namely ‘Kokorozashi Art Project’ and ‘The Biggest painting in the world 2020’.

In Kokorozashi Art Project students have to write on a piece of cloth a line or two on their feeling towards attaining world peace and in The Biggest painting in the world 2020 they have to depict their artistic maneuver drawing pictures of Odisha’s culture, religion and habitat etc. on a piece of cloth measuring 5×5 mts. towards solidarity and world peace. These wishes and art-works are collected from more than two hundred countries and one thousand five hundred cities of Japan to be sewn together and displayed in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Since the school has been putting efforts on grooming Japanese language and culture for last thirteen years , the govt. of Japan being pleased with its service and dedication has selected three numbers of students & a teacher to visit Japan under Jenesys program.

The govt. of Japan provides funds and also undertake to & fro travel, planning, and operating invitation program including travel arrangements in Japan. The whole schedule of events in Japan for eight days shall be furnished under the guidance of Japanese govt. These made the school proud of putting few more colorful feathers into the cap of its success.

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