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208th Yr Death Anniversary Of Veer Jayee Rajguru #Respect #Odisha #FirstMartyr #IndianFreedomStruggle #DeathAnniversary – Article by Gorvachove Pothal

The name of Jayakrushna Rajguru (Jayee Rajguru) is an inspiring theme in the history of Odisha. This very name stands for indomitable courage and invincible confidence. He appeared at a time when utter confusion engulfed the political ambience of Odisha. The history of India is eloquent about the bravery of Tipu Sultan who fought against the British Authority for his own kingdom. But it remains silent about the greatness of Jayee Rajguru, who had the courage to raise the banner of protest against the British without having enough means and man power. He had the knowledge, the vision, the will power, that he inherited from his great forefathers. That was his strength. He had no belongings of his own. He had left nothing except the saga of his valour and patriotism. He truly deserves to be the first martyr of Odisha in the alter of anti-colonial movement.
208th Yr Death Anniversary Of  Veer Jayee Rajguru  #Respect #Odisha #FirstMartyr  #IndianFreedomStruggle #DeathAnniversary – Article by  Gorvachove Pothal eodisha.org

Jayee Rajguru was brutally killed by the British soldiers on the broad day light on 6th December 1806. He exhibited extra ordinary calmness of mind and spirit even at the time of his savage death. The Martyrdom of Jayee Rajguru is a bright chapter of courage and valour in the freedom movement. He has carved out a niche for himself in the heart of innumerable inhabitants of the state for all times to come. Jayee means victorious, though his revolution failed and Britishers conquered Odisha, but he still remained Jayee(the victorious) even after his death. His deeds, and supreme sacrifice made him victorious in the eyes of crores of Indians and he proved him as the real son of the soil.