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Odia Girl Neha Swain Honored By Queen Elizabeth Of Britain As Young Leaders In UK

Kartik Sawhney, 21, and Neha Swain, 28 from India are among 60 others who won the Queen’s Young Leaders award 2016 which will be presented by the British monarch at a gala ceremony in Buckingham Palace in June next year.

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Kartik, who was born blind, has been acknowledged for his exceptional work highlighting universal access to education for all.
“I am so honoured to be part of the Queen’s Young Leaders programme. I am passionate about universal access to education,” said Sawhney, who was born blind.

“After discovering that blind students were unable to pursue science after Grade 10, I appealed and enrolled as India’s first Grade 11 blind science student. I faced similar challenges when trying to enter engineering colleges.
“I founded Project STEM Access, which offers hands-on science workshops in India, as well as virtual training sessions,” he said.

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