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Mountain climber Satyapira Padhan experience in Mt.Indrasan Expedition- 2016 #Odisha

The Thrilling Indrasan :

-Mt.Indrasan(6221mtrs/20,410ft) is one of the most technically challenging peaks in India and also in World which is situated at the eastern end  of the Pirpanjal Range in Manali,Himachal Pradesh.
-Our team have successfully summited Mt.Indrasan on Dt.24th June 2016 at 11.50am in the leadership of Everester Jogabyasa Bhoi  which is summited after a long interval of a decade, many team from different region attempt many time to climb but that was in vain . Really this summit is the glorious victory for all Odia and Indian people, so Mission Indrasan team congratulating to all.

-Our team constitute of 7 members.
-Our Energy level came to zero in after every enduring walk to camp to camp movement.
-There may be Divine will or Nature Blessings was with us for which we abled to climb, we are lucky that the Rock fall was minimum because of packed ice but we had face ice balls in high gradient climbing,thanks god we all had our Helmets.
-And the land to sky walk from Camp One to Camp Two was very very difficult,
actually during that trekking a heavy snow fall was started & temperature became low.Always it seems like our Camp is there after 300mtrs, but after a very difficult trekking of 4 hours we abled to reach at that 300mtrs view, ha haha.Really very painful was that.
-The Thrilling situations we got during trekking from Summit Camp to Summit.
Not a single point to rest there,head lamps are fitted to our forehead, hands becoming jam due to very low temperature , so need to continuous strike our hand to hand for better blood circulation and warm.
-During the whole night i requested sun to come quick, because I thought that our conditions will be bad if sun will rise after 8-9 hours.
-Finally after overcome many more difficulties we abled to reach at the top and planted Tricolour Flag .
Mountain climber Satyapira Padhan experience in Mt.Indrasan Expedition- 2016 #Odisha eodisha.org

-Our team constitute of 7 members from different district of Odisha state;
(1) Jogabyasa Bhoi (team leader)
(2) Satyapira Padhan (team doctor)
(3) Romanchal Bhoi
(4)Salim Darka
(5) Bhawani Rana
(6)Sourabh Bhoi
(7) Animesh Sahoo(base camp manager)

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Mountain climber Satyapira Padhan experience in Mt.Indrasan Expedition- 2016 #Odisha dr