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#SriRamchandraBhanjaDeo #BirthAnniversary #Odisha #Odia #Mayurbhanj#Respect , Article by Gorvachove Pothal 
143th Birthday Anniversary of  king Sri Ramchandra Bhanja Deo the King of the State of Mayurbhanj ; #SriRamchandraBhanjaDeo #BirthAnniversary #Odisha #Odia #Mayurbhanj #Respect

                               One of the distinguished kings of Odisha of the Colonial Rule in India is Sri Ramchandra Bhanja Deo the King of the State of Mayurbhanj, a man of unique character, unparalleled personality to whom the history of Odisha owes a lot. Like the enlightened King Ramchandra of Ramayan, he was also carrying the passion for utmost benevolence in his heart.

                                    Every year Maharaja Sri Ramachandra Bhanjadeo’s Birth Anniversary is  celebrated on 17th in the month of December all over Orissa. This much admired statesman was born in Baripada,   in the Mayurbhanj District of Odisha. Before he could finish his graduation at  Ravenshaw college, this Great man was sworn in as the King of Mayurbhanj in the year 1890. Though he discontinued  his study he visited many countries like  America, Europe, Switzerland, Japan, England and China etc. It was Maharaja Shri Ramachandra Bhanjadeo   who raised the pinnacles of Glory and opened a new chapter of the  Golden Era of Bhanja Dynasty.

                One must be astonished to know that he was only receiving a meager allowance of three thousand rupees only for his personal maintenance. Considering himself as the greatest servant of his subjects he installed an emergency fund to meet unforeseen situations and also allowed the poor subjects to meet him to get their grievance redressed. During his regime the state witnessed many fold development.
             Being an enlightened Administrator, he associates himself in number of innovative and multifarious projects for the development of his subjects and the State. As a true enlightened Ruler, he established the State Council to meet the requirements of Democratic Government, Criminal, Civil and Revenue Laws and Regulations, including Land Revenue Settlement, Forest, Excise and Land Acquisition Laws and Rules, granting ownership of land to the people, Conducting the Survey, Setting up of Irrigational facilities, Judicial Reforms, Police Administration, Adoption of Scientific methods in Agriculture, facilitation of Mining and Archaeology, Spread of Education so on and so forth.He is regarded as one of the #MakersOfModernOdisha.
                                    He was always using his travel experience for the upliftment and development of the State of Odisha. He has helped many institutions economically like the  #CuttackMedicalCollege, #RavenshawCollege, Utkal Sahitya Samaj, Cuttack Townhall, Utkal University, Banaras Hindu University and the Utkal Sammilani etc.
The Maharaja’s role in Odisha’s Political Scenario :- 
                 In the field of Odisha’s Art and Literature Maharaja Sri Ramachandra Bhanjadeo’s contribution is highly commendable.Two most famous monthly magazines i.e. #Manorama and#Utkalprava were his contribution. The most famous Odia Dictionary#PurnachandraBhasakosha was published because of his financial assistance. So, he will always be remembered for his contributions towards Odisha’s literature.

Shri Ramachandra Bhanja Dev ( 1870-1912)

Shri Ramachandra Bhanja Dev created a name for himself as an enlightened ruler of princely state of Mayurbhanj. Ascended the throne on 15th August 1892. He worked for all round development of Mayurbhanj state and implemented various welfare schemes designed to help the people. He was revered as a Philosopher king.

Impressed with the nobel qualities of Utkal Mani Gopabandhu Das he made him his advocate. Gopabandhu turned out to be friend philosopher guide for the ruler. Constituted the state council for administration in the state. Brought about reforms in the sphere of language, health and administration. During his rein scientific operation of Iron mines were started for first time. Commissioned narrow gauge railway life from Rupsa to Baripada.

Presided over the first meeting of Utkal Samilani on 3rd December 1933. a patriot and great patron of Oriya language. He helped in a big way in setting up of educational and medical institution for the largest benefit of the people.

Sri Ramachandra Bhanjadeo: Maker of Modern Odisha:-

The Maharaja is regarded as one of the  Makers of Modern Orissa. He was  always using his travel experience for the upliftment and development of the   State of Orissa. He introduced latest  system of administration in the field of  Agriculture, Education, Industry,  Commerce etc. in the State. He was  always trying to exploit the rich physical and natural resources of Odisha  for the benefit of people.

He has helped many institutions economically like the Cuttack Medical College, Ravenshaw College, Utkal Sahitya Samaj, Cuttack Townhall,   Utkal University, Banaras Hindu University and the Utkal Sammilani etc.

I pay my profound gratitudes to such a noble son of Odisha on the eve of his birth anniversary.