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102th Birth Anniversary of Saheed Shri Dibakar Parida : The Pioneer of Raj-Ranapur Rebellion , #Nayagarh #ShriDibakarParida #BirthAnniversary #Martyr #RanapurPrajaRebellion#Odisha #GadajatMovement #FreedomMovementOfIndia #Odia #Respect  – Article by Gorvachove Pothal

Many glorious chapters of Odishan history have not seen the light of the day. When we go through the annals of history of freedom movement of India, the Ranapur Rebellion of 1937-38 comes to our mind like a flash of lightning. The deep patriotism and supreme sacrifice of the illustrious family of martyr Dibakar Parida can only be compared with that of revolutionary Chapekar brothers of Maharastra. While Saheed Dibakar had spear headed the Praja Rebellion of Ranapur, his Patriot brothers Ratnakar and Chakradhar (The Odia Recruiting Officer of Azad Hind Fouj) and younger sister Indumati had followed his foot prints by involving themselves with the Indian freedom struggle and Ranapur Praja Revolt of 1937-38.

Photo by Gorvachove Pothal
Photo by Gorvachove Pothal

Patriots like Dibakar Parida was the true pioneer of Gadajat Movement in Odisha State. His act of struggle and sacrifice inspire us to fight injustice and tyranny. He would be remembered for ever by all the freedom loving people of our country for his deep patriotism, dynamic leadership and uncompromising battle against oppression, injustice and wrong.