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10 Health Benefits Of Papaya

Papaya is also a rich source of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C and flavonoids, B vitamins, folate , pantothenic acid,  minerals, potassium,magnesium and fiber.

Health Benefit Of Papaya
Health Benefit Of Papaya
  1. The best feature of papaya is its ‘Low Sodium Quality’, thus resulting in very little retention of water. In simple words it means, it helps you keep your skin hydrated and eating will help you achieve smooth, supple and soft skin.
  2. As papaya juice contains various nutrients like folate, vitamin C and E it is effective in preventing colon cancer.
  3. Being a good source of Vitamin A and Papain, this fruit helps in removing dead skin cells along with breaking down the inactive proteins.
  4. The mashed papaya can be used for treating the sore and cracked heels.
  5. It is also said to be quite effective in preventing stroke and hypertension and hence recommended most of the times by doctors.
  6. Papaya juice is also good for those suffering from any kind of urinary ailments.
  7. Rich in nutrients, papaya may help prevent balding, thus helping boost growth and strength of the hair
  8. Papaya acts as an antidote for hypertension. This is one of the most popular health benefits of papaya. The rich amount of potassium in papaya helps keeping the blood pressure in check along with improving the mental alertness.
  9. Papaya despite being sweet in taste is also good for diabetic patients.
  10. Papaya also prevents the body from recurrent ear infections, cold and flu.

By Gayatree Dey

Love to cook , Travel n Photography