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Odisha Latest Wildlife News – 1 rare Black tiger from  4 cubs took birth at Nandankanan #Odisha #News #WildLife

Bhubaneswar : As per TV flash news updates , White Tiger Manish and Tigress Sneha gave birth to four cubs, today. Out of these four cubs, one cub is black which is very rare to see in India.

eodisha.org-Odisha Latest Wildlife News - 1 rare Black tiger from  4 cubs took birth at Nandankanan #Odisha #News #WildLife

After a long halt of three months awaiting, tigress Sneha has given birth to four cubs. Two black cubs at Nandankanan have created history.  Cubs have been declared as save and healthy. Still they would be kept under enclosed custody for three months, said S S Shrivastav, PSSF Wildlife. Nandankanan administration will keep an eye on them thrugh CCTv camera, adds Nandankanan admin.

On 2nd February, Sneha is a cub from tiger Nisan and white tigress Kusum.

Presently, Nandankanan has 15 Red Tigress and eight White Tigers. Including these cubs, Tiger counts comes to 27 in total, said Shrivastav.