Tourist Places In Jagatsinghpur District – #Tourist Map / Guide of Jagatsinghpur District #Odisha

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#Tourist Places In Jagatsinghpur District – Tourist Map / Guide of  Jagatsinghpur District #Odisha

        Jagatsinghpur District (Oriya: ଜଗତସିଂହପୁର ଜିଲା)is an administrative district of OdishaIndia. The city of Jagatsinghpur is the district headquarters . Jagatsinghpur District is having very old famous  popular  best tourist places of Odisha.

Tourist Places In Jagatsinghpur District

Get the tips of all visiting place of Jagatasinghpur and all picnic place details of this district .

Tourist Places In Jagatsinghpur District :-

  • Maa Sarala :- Jhankad is the sanctum sanctorum of Goddess Sarala, regarded as one of the most spiritually elevated expressions of Shaktism from time immemorial. Believed as a synthesis of divine figure of Durga Read More..
  • Paradeep Port :- It is a major sea port of India for trade activities. The enchanting beauty of the sea, a wonderful sea beach & marine drive, beautiful creeks, estuaries and evergreen forests of estuarian islands  Read More …
  • Gada Kujanga :- Famous for its presiding deity Kunja Behari, Garh Kujanga is also known as Subhadra Kshetra, The Raghunath Jew Matha located near the temple of Kunja Behari is an added attraction of this place. Read More …
  • Sandhakuda :-It is an attractive tourist spot comprising vast green shades of casuarinas vegetation, shimmering golden beaches, natural creeks and island, – Read more at: 
  • Jagatsinghpur :- Jagatsinghpur, the smallest district of Odisha in size, is known for its rich cultural heritage and contribution to socio-economic development of the state. Traditionally known as Hariharpur, it was one of the buzzing centres of maritime trade for centuries. Socio economic importance of Jagatsinghpur touched its zenith during freedom struggle. Alaka Ashram, better known as the Shabarmati of Odisha, remained the citadel of freedom moment in the State. And again during Bhoodan Moment, activities at Alaka Ashram caught the attention of the whole neation. Temples, beaches and sculptures of historic importance are the major drivers behind tourist influx to Jagatsinghpur.  Read More…
  • Chandapur :- Village Mahilo in a tipical rural atmosphere, the famous temple complex of Lord Raghunath Jew and Lord Chandrasekhar stands around 30 years back. Read More….
  • Jashobanta Das Home :-Jashobanta Das one among panchasakha (Achuta,Anant,Balabant,jaganntath)also born in village Nailo of Jagatsinghpur District, who written Malika. ReadMore….

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