Sqn Ldr Kaushik Mishra – The Great Odia Pilot and brave son of Odisha, a true son of Indian AIR Force , Who Has given his Life for Mother India via C130J #Odisha #Army #India

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Sqn Ldr Kaushik Mishra – The Great Odia Pilot of AIR Force , Who Has given his Life for Mother India via C130J #Odisha #Army #India – Article by Ashish Panda 

Young Odia squadron leader Kaushik Mishra, who hailed from Belpahar in Odisha, was among the five Air Force personnel who were killed when a newly-acquired C-130J transport aircraft crashed near Gwalior on Friday.

Kaushik Mishra

           ”I want to be a pilot when i grow up”  Was his reply whenever we cousins were asked our about aim by some elderly people at family gathering.as a kid i use to wonder what aim is,but such was his impact on me that on listening him i also use to reply i also want to be a pilot.

Time passed  i couldn’t be a pilot but he did become one. Pilot in the 4th largest air force of the world. He did prove his words true.  I am talking about my brother squadron leader kaushikmishra, strategic pilot,77 ‘veiled vipers squadron’, indian air force ,whose sad demise has left shocked our whole family and the nation. On 28/04/2014 [friday] near gwalior c-130j the newly acquired transport air craft crashed and in this tragic event 5 brave soldiers of our nation died. One of them was my elder brother Squadron Leader Kaushik Mishra.The other casualties include Wing Commander Prashant Joshi, Wing Commander Rajiv Nair, Squadron leader AshishYadavand Warrant officer Kishan Pal Singh..

Early life :

Born on 21st of december 1982, in a small town known asbelpaharin jharsuguda district a very young charming and cheerfullad.SqnLdrKaushik Mishra (32) was the eldest son of Ashok Mishra, who works as an AGM at TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited in Belpahar and BijaylaxmiPanigrahi, Teacher at the BelpaharAdarshaBaalika School. He has one younger brotherKanishkaMishra(26) ,who works at TCS in Gurgaon.

From his childhood days he was talented, soft spoken, cheerful, full of life and congenial.Due to his nature he was very popular among his friends.He was a popular fellow in Belpahar since his childhood.A ideal son and a very bright student he was.

Schooling and Education:

He completed his education He loved art and music and often played guitar,and has excellent voice too. He was a excellent badminton player and has won many trophies at various levels.He was the member of school cricket team as well.

He was a very bright student and a multitalented personality from the beginning.Due to this he was very popular in the school and all the teachers were fond of him.He passed his Class Xth exam in the year 1999 &XIIth in the year 2001,both with brilliant performance.

Kaushik with his Airforce coulougesAfter completing his schooling he moved to Rourkela for the preparation of Joint Entrance Examination.He took coaching for one year there.During the coaching period he appeared for the National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam in 2001.He cleared the written exam the same year nad attended the Air Force Selection Board,Varanasi in February’2002. Which he cleared with flying colours.After clearing the medical rounds he Joined the National Defence Academy at Khadakwasla,Pune in June’ 2002 as a trainee cadet.

And there he was shaped and trained  to become aaviator.Life at the NDA wasn’t  as easy as general college.It was a transformation phase for him from a boy to man.NDA equipped this multi talented lad with more talents and skills.Getting up at 4 am ,doing drills,workout,sports,after that classes,training,cocurriculars.You don’t get chance to be socialize with the outer world amidst your routine life.He got more tougherdere.

After passing out from The NDA ,he was sent from his flying training to The Indian Air Force Academy,Dundigul,Hyderabad. He completed his Military Officer Basic Certification (MOBC) & Basic Flight Training (BFT)  from there. He was Commissionedas Flying Officer in December’2006. His first posting was in the IAF Training Command at ,Yelahanka, Bangalore.He was trained there to fly the theIltyumish&Antonov class carrier planes.He stayed there for around 2 years.Then he was posted at The HindonAirbase,Ghaziabad,UP.He excelled a lot in his career and within 6 years of joing he got two  major promotions.

After the induction of the C 130 J Super Hercules planes in theIAFin 2011 a new Squadron was formed, named the 77’VEILED VIPERS’. Best and the most vigilantpilotsof the IAF were selected to be in the squadron,and to fly the newly induced C 130 J Super Hercules planes.He was selected among the pilots to be a part of the squadron.


Kaushik with his wife Sangya

Kaushik with his wife Sangya

Since childhood I was very fond of him.As he was my elder brother so I use to look up at him as my inspiration.My childhood was passed at Rourkela,just 2 hours train journey from his hometown Belpahar,so whenever  I get my vacations my first destination use to be belpahar and vice versa.Literally we spent our childhood together. So I was much attached to him.I just love to be in his company,playcricket,video gamestogether,do mischiefs at time too.Asa elder brother he always guide me since my childhood.He is very loving to me and never has a bossy elder brother nature.He was pride of our family.

He was excellent in maths and physics.During his stay at Rourkela I use to clear my algebra and trigonometry doubts from.We often go on stroll together and do lots of talks and fun. After he has left Rourkela he use to come in vacations and we really have great time together.A gem of a brother he was,a real role model.

He was tied in marital ties  on 29th of November,2009 with  SangyaSar of Talcher who is an architecture. They were a perfect match for each other. On 7th of January 2013 they were blessed with a daughter ,namedkaynah. She is 15 months old now.

Sudden end to a beautiful story :

God is sometimes cruel as he takes away good people among us very soon. Very few get the level where he reached. He died on duty. It is still not sure if it was a human error or a technical failure. IAF says the best pilots were on board and it is true. Experts say the plane was uncrashable but little is known that Lockheed Martin the manufacturer of the aircraft can jam the vehicle remotely. The inquiries will go on and the truth may not come out ever. It is buried with him. People are regretting the loss of a 1000cr aircraft but nobody regrets that 5 brave soldiers died and left behind years of grief and insecurity to their family. Everyone is concerned about tax they pay. But sadly nobody is concerned that the years that the parents spent in bringing up the brave sons also count. Also count is the amount of sorrow they are going through and have to deal with in their old age. It is sad what has happened. He will soon be forgotten in the pages of history but he will always lit our life with his memories. May his soul rest in peace and may god give his family strength and courage to overcome the grief. The purpose of this post is to spread awareness among every odias that while we mourn the death of the Son of Odisha – Kaushik Mishra, let us keep him alive in us by motivating our younger generation to serve the nation in defense services. As a state we lack the spirit which Kaushik had, as a community we lack the passion of serving the nation which he had. Let us get out of our cozy couches and give our sons and daughters to the service of the nation so that there are more and more leaders like Kaushik born to serve the highest service of the nation. “Touch the sky with Glory”. Live by chance, Love by choice and kill by profession. My last salute to my beloved friend Sqn Ldr Kaushik Mishra.Bro you will always be there among us. You are the brave son of Odisha, a true son of India.

Facts about C 130 J Super Hercules plane:

A senior IAF officer told that the information, provided mostly by the crew of the other C-130J, which was the lead aircraft in the formation, show that ill-fated aircraft missed the hillock in an otherwise plain landscape. The first aircraft pulled up as it reached the hillock, but the second aircraft went and banged on it. The input is also corroborated by the angle in which it crashed into the ground, he said.

The Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft.The preliminary information could be revised after the detailed court of inquiry into the crash is completed. While specifics of what exactly happened in those ill-fated moments to the four-engine US aircraft would be only known after the inquiry, the information available now douses fears of possible sabotage.

Despite what is known now, IAF top brass is worried about the loss of precious lives and a strategic platform. “We can’t just forget this as an aberration. We need to be worried—about training, about exercises, about everything that is professional,” a senior official said.

The crash at Chambal region on Friday around 11 am .The crash occurred in Maharajpur village area near Chambal river in Rajasthan’s Karauli district. The C-130J took off from Agra at 10 am for a tactical flying exercise, behind the lead aircraft.The aircraft was on a routine special ops training sortie from Agra to Gwalior along with another C 130J in a low level tactical exercise.

All those on board were well trained young officers, including two Wing Commanders, two Squadron Leaders, and a Warrant Officer.

Their families were informed and the Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, observed that the tragedy “is a sad moment for all of us and we share the grief with the family members.”The cause of the crash is not known but IAF immediately instituted the mandatory Court of Inquiry into the mishap.

The crash is a major setback to the Indian Air Force which has painstakingly been building up capability over the last few years following sustained neglect in routine renewal of assets affecting all the three Services after late Prime Minister VP Singh blocked the process alleging wrongdoing in the purchase of Bofors guns from Sweden, Airbus A 320 aircraft for Indian Airlines from France and whatever in the late 1980s.

IAF rescue helicopters and senior officers rushed to the scene immediately while police cordoned off the area.The aircraft was totally damaged by impact and resulting fire. The black box of the aircraft was also damaged, and has been sent to the manufacturer, US company Lockheed Martin, for recovery of data.

IAF acquired six C 130Js beginning 2011 from the US Lockheed Martin under a government-to-government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme of the Department of Defense. All these have been located at Hindon Air Force Base on the outskirts of the Indian capital, and the company has also set up a state-of-the-art training and maintenance facilities there.

IAF has been happy with the aircraft’s performance and a repeat order for six more aircraft was placed for deployment at Panagarh in eastern India to support the Army. The six existing aircraft – less one now – for western India have been based at Hindon near the Indian capital. One of these aircraft in fact has been sent to Malaysian airbase of Subong along with an Indian Navy’s Boeing P8-I maritime patrol aircraft to help in searching the debris of the Malaysian Airlines MH 370 disaster of March 8.

Notably, while the fundamental design of the C 130 is old, the aircraft has steadily been battle proven over half a century. The C 130J is a tougher and sturdier version of the basic C 130 Hercules which has had exceptional safety record worldwide.

There are occasional accidents though and it may be kept in mind that Pakistani dictator General Zia-ul-Haq was killed when his VIP configuration C 130 Hercules crashed on 17 August 1988. US Ambassador in Islamabad Arnold Lewis Raphel who was in the aircraft was also killed along with all those on board.

The C 130J is a highly sophisticated machine and is used for 24 x 7 all weather missions and has the capability to land and takeoff from short, unprepared runways the size of a football ground even in a warzone and in darkness with a load of up to 20 tonnes.

US forces have used this aircraft extensively ever since 9/11 (2001) in Afghanistan.

This writer has had the opportunity to travel in both the C 130 Hercules and C 130J Super Hercules a few times beginning 1981 in the Gulf region on US, Saudi and UAE aircraft, including one which was operating between Afghanistan and the Gulf some time back. The aircraft is used extensively – like an intercity bus for instance – for logistics by various air forces.

It’s a mystery as to what could have happened leading to the mishap and the loss of precious lives of young officers. Only the result of the inquiry would clear the fog.

The ill-fated aircraft had taken off from Agra at 10 am and the accident occurred shortly thereafter, some 115 km before Gwalior when it was over Karauli around the Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh border. Significantly, the weather in the region was clear.

Notably, in fighter aircraft training, two or more aircraft regularly exercise together but this is not done in transport aircraft. However, as the C 130J is a Special Ops aircraft, to operate in battle zones in smoke, darkness and exchange of fire, tactical training missions could include more than one aircraft.This is not confirmed if this happened in this particular case.

IAF had acquired six C 130J aircraft for US$ 1.1 billion inclusive of the offsets and training package. In fact, initially the costs were estimated at $ 1.2 billion but as the purchase cost of the US Government from Lockheed Martin dropped down, the price was correspondingly reduced for India.

All the six aircraft were delivered on time as per the contract.    They belong to the 77 Squadron, designated Veiled Vipers.

Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha’s comments

It is very unfortunate that we have lost five of our brave warriors in a tragic accident today. It is a sad moment for all of us and we share the grief with the family members.

C-130J is a modern aircraft which was inducted into the IAF in 2010. In the last three years of its operations we have exploited capabilities of this aircraft during Uttarakhand floods and landing at DBO, which is the highest landing ground in the world. Needless to say, that the best pilots have been chosen to fly these aircraft.

Events like these are painful reminders of the inherent risks which our brave airwarriors face in the execution of our daily mission.” While the IAF will conduct a thorough enquiry into the accident to ascertain exactly what led to this accident, the IAF remains committed to provide the best possible equipment and training to our personnel so that they can execute their assigned missions professionally.

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