Sitabinji-Located in the Ghatagan Police station the twin villages Sitabhinji and Dengaposi stand on the river Sita which contain ancient fresco paintings on a number of natural rock shelters in the hills. The chief antiquities of these places are a tempera painting on the ceiling of two huge boulders famous as “Ravanchhaya”,(which takes after a half open umbrella providing sun shade) a Mukhalingam and a number of short rock inscriptions. The tempera painting stands far a Royal Procession which depicts a royal figure seated on an elephant with a sword in his hand. A band of footmen lead the procession followed by a horseman and a dancing woman. The royal figure is depicted as being followed by an attendant woman too. A line of painted writing is inscribed below the scene which reads the name of the king as Maharaja Sri Disabhanja.

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