Me & My Shadow – A Untouched love story by a Odia Satya Patra

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Me & My Shadow – Can Love happens twitce in a life ? A Untouched love story by a Odia Author Satya Patra

Few Lines from Novel # Me & My Shadow –
8 PM at Beer street Bangalore,  Beer Street was full with boys and girls, you know Friday night how PUBs situation in Bangalore, Mainly IT professionals with their friends and beer, Full-to enjoyments. It was raining outside. Bangalore city was drenched with the pattering rains drops and in between lightning and thunders were adding to the fury Street dogs were barking at their full. Little cold was there.

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   Jackets lying on the table, after few mugs of beer and pints of Vodka, it felt hot inside despite the chill. Very rare combination. Aryan was in a Pub sitting with Ishika and Dev. He was sharing his long cherished memories with them. Ishika, a good friend of Aryan and a colleague of Dev – very close to both. Two pitchers of beer already served along with Chilly chicken and few snacks on the table.

Smoking kills, Ishika told Aryan when he was almost started…… After That


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satya-patra-the-author-of-me-my-shadowProduct Description : Me & My Shadow is a novel based on untouched love story between Aryan and Ana, sweet and short unexpressed love with Sheena. Best philosophical touch about life from IP (Stands for Inner Person) & novel holds a narrated beauty of three different city of India. It encapsulates his idea of love and necessary of hopes amidst the zigzagged path of life. It speaks a small things that are matter most to him the indestructibility of friendship, the anxiety of inevitable and the spontaneity of memory.

Publisher: B.K. Publications Pvt. Ltd. (2016)

About the Author – 

Satya Patra born in Kendrapara , Odisha .He is a IT professional worked for more than 15yrs in IT (MNC) Company .

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