Odia from Jagatsinghpur VijayaLaxmi Chhabra made interim DG of #Doordarshan #Odisha #News

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Odisha Latest News on OdiaNari – Odia from Jagatsinghpur VijayaLaxmi Chhabra made interim DG of #Doordarshan #Odisha  #News

          Vijaya Laxmi Chhabra has been named as the interim Director General of Doordarshan. She will continue in this position till a new DG is appointed. Meanwhile, the tenure of current DG, Tripurari Sharan, comes to an end later this month.

photo indiantelevision

photo indiantelevision

Chhabra is the former ADG (Programmes) at All India Radio and was set to retire in March. She will hold charge till the next DG is found.

She has been associated with AIR and Doordarshan in senior managerial capacities for over 33 years. During this period, she undertook several assignments such as creative content production in Hindi and English, channel marketing of AIR and Doordarshan, human resources, planning and organisational development. She specialised as a Features/ Documentaries producer while working at All India Radio, Delhi and Mumbai.

Life with Odisha:-

Chhabra hails from Odisha.She is the daughter of Bira kishor Kanungo and she belongs to Village “KANIYAJAGATSINGHPUR. She grew up in the small but modern and forward looking steel township of Bhilai in what is today’s Chattisgarh. Her father was a reputed senior engineer and part of the team that built the Bhilai Steel Plant. It was the biggest steel plant in Asia at that time and she remembers him returning home every evening, with blueprint designs of the plant and saying, “We are all building modern India.”

“My father believed that building India’s modern steel plant was a step towards building modern India and instilled in me a strong value system which has always stood me in good stead in my professional and personal life,” remembers Chhabra.

“Similarly, my mother is a very liberal and forward looking woman and her family was involved with the freedom movement and their generation was driven by the fact that they were witnessing the birth of independent India. They were hoping to see India self sufficient and belonged to the post independence generation who were full of pride for their country.”

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