Miraculous Goddess Mangala of Kakatpur #Odisha

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Miraculous Goddess Mangala of Kakatpur  #Odisha – by Raghunandan Panda, Kakatpur

Goddess Mangala has been known as a very popular, famous, benevolent and lenient deity throughout India since time immemorial till yet.

Miraculous Goddess Mangala of Kakatpur  #OdishaMost of her devotees think her as Goddess Durga. But she is seen a miraculous deity, being described as different deities, in different shastras. Very few references are given here. She has been described as EkakshyaraDevee i.e. OM in ‘TantrarajTantram’, BrahmarupaDevee and MahabidyaDevee in ‘KubjikaTantram’, Adi-Shakti in ‘DeveeNamabilashTantram’, Mahamaya in ‘ShaktanandaTaranginiTantram’, PrakrutiDevee i.e. the surrounding nature in ‘BrahmaBaibartaMahaPuranam’, MahaKalee in ‘Para Tantram’, Durga in ‘ShreeDeveeRahashyam’, Creating and destroying Devee of the universe in ‘DeveeDyabardhaSatikaTantram’,

each Devee of the Dasa- Mahabidya in ‘ShaktaPramodah’, ‘KaleeTantram’ and ‘Tantralokah’, Lakshmee in ‘KamalatmikaTantram’, Saraswatee in ‘ManasaraBastuShastram’, Kumaree i.e. virgin age of Parvatee in ‘DamarTantram’, Mother of planet Luna of astrology in ‘BruhatParasaraHoraShastram’ and ‘MeruTantram’, Goddess of yoga in ‘BhutasudhiTantram’ etc., etc. Besides the above few instances, a very large number of more, are still present, which can be read from the book “MaaSarbaMangala& Sacred River Prachee” written by me & available at Kakatpur. This imparts the exceptional recognition of Goddess Mangala of Kakatpur.

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