LORD AKHANDALESWAR TEMPLE ; The Landmark of Aradi for Lord Shiva Temple , Bhadrak, #Odisha #Temple

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LORD AKHANDALESWAR TEMPLE ; The Landmark of Aradi for Lord Shiva Temple , Bhadrak, #Odisha #Temple

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On the bank of river Baitarani, the Akhandalamani Temple is the abode of Lord Shiva.Sri Sri Akhandaleswar Mahadev bije Aradi  is popularly known as Akahnadalamani Mahadev. The temple of the Lord is situated at Aradi which comes under Chandabali Block, Chandabali Tahasil and Dhusuri Police Station in Bhadrak Sub-Division of Bhadrak District, Orissa.

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According to legend, around 350 years ago during the rule of Raja Sri Niladri Samara Singha Mohapatra, one early morning the Raja sent a peasant to cultivate his paddy field on the bank of the river Baitarani. While cultivating, the blade of his plough was broken by hitting with some hard material. The peasant was astonished and found a black glazed granite stone full of blood flowing toward the river Baitarani. The peasant ran to call King Niladrisamar Singhm and he hurriedly came to the spot, finding a flood of milk in place of blood and a huge black cobra hooding the stone.

That night the king had a dream regarding the arrival of the God Akhandalamani on that place. This news spread like wild fire in the locality. The next day King Niladri Samara Singha Mohapatra started worshiping the great god and immediately built a wooden temple on the spot. A large number of devotees from different villages started visiting and worshiping the great God. The king invited five Brahmins from a village named Naharagrama of Jajapur district to perform seva-puja (worshiping and taking care) of lord Akhandalamani.

The present main temple of Aradi was built by the King of Konika Shri Harihara Bhanja and his chief queen Satyabhama Patadei. The height of the temple is around 150 ft. All the stones used in this temple were brought from the historic hill of Lalitgiri near Chandikhol.


A number of rituals are celebrated in a year in the temple of mysterious Lord Aakhandaleswar. According to Hindu’s calendar a year starts from the month of Baisakha.

  • Panaa Sankranti:Thousands of devotees visit to the temple on this occasion, becauseGharshana on this occasion is unique and fruitful. Only on this occasion,Sebayats (the priests of this temple) offer Gharshan of their own expenses. In the evening different cultural programs are celebrated.
  • Chandan yatra:In these twenty one days of celebration, Chandan Purnima (full moon day) is the most important day of Chandan Yatra. According to the local belief, trough this divine boating Lord escapes from the intolerable heat of the summer. But in real, it is the suitable time for the congregation of human and god. The Lord himself comes out from the temple to appear before the devotees and to make the devotees free from all pain and agonies.
  • Siva Vibah (The wedding ceremony of Lord Siva):Shiva Vibah (marriage ceremony of Lord Shiva) continues for the whole night and ends with emotional union of bride’s and bridegroom’s fathers. On behalf of this occasion, different cultural programs are arranged in this night. Different types of delicious foods and drinks are served to the guests.  The sacred occasion is completely arranged by the temple administration.
  • Maha Shiva Ratri (Jaagara):The month of Falguna the famous Jagara Yatra is celebrated. The fruitfulness of the day is equivalent with all the rituals celebrated in the whole year. With the Aalati in the dawn, the king of Kanika offers Gharshan and Khichudi is offered after gharshan. Lord Shiva appears in Digambara complexion and a number of devotees comeS to behold the charming beauty of Digambar. The worshiping starts from the firstprahara of Jagara. All the devotees and priests remain awake to perform Sodasa Upachar Abhisekh and yagnya. After the last prahara of worship and Abhisekh, the Mahasnana ritual starts. The priests pour one hundred and eight pots of water collected from the river Ganga on the deity of Lord Aakhndaleswar. Then lord Shiva is embellished with highly cost gold ornaments. Other gods and goddess wait eagerly to see this beautiful complexion of lord Shiva. This ornamented stunnings appearance of lord Shiva is priceless for all the gods, goddesses and human beings.

How To Reach:

  • From the New Bus stand of Bhadrak Town the Akhandaleswar Temple is at a distance of about 39 Kms. To the south side of the town after 2 Kms from the said Bus stand one will find Akhandalimani Chhak (Square) at Gelpur to the left where from the way to Lord Akhandaleswar runs. On the left hand side of it, a milestone stands stating the distance to Aradi in the Odia language.
  • The Lord’s Temple is located near about 42 Kms away from Bhadrak Railway Station. Coming to the NH-5 at Charampa from the railway station and moving south on NH via servcie road near Bus Stand at Bonth Chakk one will come to Akhandalamani Chakk (Gelpur) where from left turn will be taken on Bhadrak-Aradi road to the Holy place of the Lrd.
  • Nearest Airport Bhubaneswar.

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