#Kakatpur ‘Maa Mangala’s ritual association with Lord #Jagannath , #Odisha- by Raghunandan Panda

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#Kakatpur ‘Maa Mangala’s ritual association with Lord #Jagannath , #Odisha- by Raghunandan Panda

Famous Goddess Maa Mangala is worshipped in village Kakatpur in the district Puri of Odisha, 60 k.ms. away from the Lord Jagannath’s temple at Puri. Her ritual association with Lord Jagannath is too old, even since the‘satya juga’.

Kakatpur-Mangala-Temple-#Kakatpur ‘Maa Mangala’s ritual association with Lord #Jagannath , #Odisha- by Raghunandan Panda eodisha.org

According to ‘Skanda MahaPuranam’ written by the great sage Byasadeva, in ‘satya juga’ Lord Neela Madhaba was worshipped in stone body, by sabar king Biswabasu,on the top of ‘NeelaSaila’.At that time Goddess Parvatee, on request of Goddess Lakshmee,divided herself in eight shapes and taking eight names like Mangala, Bimala, SarbaMangala, Ardhasinee, Lamba, Kalaratri, Marichika and Chandarupa was sitting around Neela Madhaba and giving him protection.

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Among these eight shapes, two shapes were with Mangala in two different names like ‘Mangala’ and ‘SarbaMangala’ which shows her more importance and moredivine attachment with Neela Madhaba than others. Once, in an occasion, Neela Madhaba disappeared suddenly and later reappeared in four wooden bodies in namesof Jagannath, Balavadra, Suvadra and Sudarsan.

nilamadhab temple kantilo , photography by amaresh chandra das

Next, about, in each 8 to 20 years, their changing of body i.e. ‘nabakalebara’ was required and in this sacred ritual function, responsibility to give direction within dream i.e., ‘swapnadesa’ for four divine trees was remained on the alone deity of Odisha, Goddess Maa Mangala of Kakatpur, which has been continuing till yet. It shows the deepest and oldest divine relation of Maa Mangala with Lord Jagannath since the time of Lord NeelaMadhaba till today. Details on this history, along with the original Sanskrit ‘slokas’, can be read from the book “Maa SarbaMangala” written by me and available at Kakatpur.

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