Huma , Asia first Leaning Temple – Temple Of Lord Shiv- Odisha Temple Trip

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Huma , Asia first Leaning Temple- Temple Of Lord Shiv- Odisha Temple Trip
Huma temple, situated on the left bank of the Mahanadi, 23 kms south of Sambhalpur, was established in the year 1670. The temple was built by the King Baliar Singh, the fifth king of the Chauhan dynasty of Sambalpur. Huma,the Leaning temple dedicated to Lord Siva.It is popularly known as the Leaning Temple of Huma, as it does not stand upright and is tilted towards one side. Infact, almost everything within the temple complex is skewed.
huma temple
There is an interesting history behind the construction of the Huma temple. People say that there was a milkman, who used to go across river Mahanadi to worship Lord Shiva. He used to offer milk to the Lord everyday. One day, to his surprise, the rock idol consumed the milk offered by the milkman. This miraculous incident paved way for the construction of temple.

Apart from the leaning temple, a kind of reddish fish (popularly called Kudo) in the river is another attraction for tourists.Here nobody tries to catch them as they are believed to be the assets of the God.One can also feed the fishes which have become very good pets over the years. Feeding these fishes is considered very sacred. Besides, one can also have a boat ride in the river Mahanadi to many small islands in it.

23 kms south of Sambalpur, Orissa

Travel Information:
1.Nearest rail station head is at Sambalpur.
2.By Air- The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar which is 290 Km away.

Best Time To Visit: November-February

Location: Sambalpur, Orissa/Odisha

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