Chilika – Jewel of Odisha -Dattari’s films on Chilika lake premiered in Odisha – Best way to Promote Odisha Tourism

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“Chilika – Jewel of Odisha “Dattari’s films on Chilika lake premiered in Odisha – Best way to Promote Odisha Tourism

Chilika-film-Chilika – Jewel of OdishA

Chilika — The Jewel of Odisha
A Chilika Development Authority Presentation
Produced, Photographed and Written by: Shekar Dattatri
Duration: 21 minutes

STORY OF THE FILM Chilika — The Jewel of Odisha

This is the story of Chilika, a dying lake that was restored to life. Situated on India’s East Coast, in the state of Odisha, Chilika is the largest brackish water lagoon in Asia. It is also the largest wintering ground for waterfowl on the Indian subcontinent, attracting migrants from Europe, Central Asia and Siberia. Chilika is home to the highly endangered Irrawaddy dolphin, and is also a treasure trove of other biodiversity. In 1981, it was designated as India’s first Ramsar Site. However, by the late 1990s, it had become a weed-infested, dying lake due to changes in its ecological characteristics. Thanks to careful, science-driven restoration by the Chilika Development Authority, it is once again a reliable source of livelihood for local communities and a vibrant refuge for wildlife.

Two documentary films on Chilika lake, Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon, by Shekar Dattari were premiered here in the presence of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

The films, dedicated to viewers by the CM, are first nature-based films in India produced in high definition.

The film on Chilika was made after 18 months of extensive shooting using high definition cameras and gadgets to capture breathtaking shots of Irrawaddy dolphins, birds and the rich biodiversity of the Lake, Ajit Patnaik, CEO of Chilika Development Authority which provided the logistics for the films, said.

The first film ‘Chilika – Jewel of Odisha’ is 21-minute long and captures the moods of Chilika in different seasons, its amazing biodiversity, life of the people in and around Chilika, the conservation initiatives, problems faced by the lake and ways out to address them. The film is in English and would be dubbed into Odia.

The second film titled ‘Managing Chilika’ is a 15-minute documentary narrating the journey of Chilika Development Authority during the last two decades.

Both the films would be screened in all metros of India and would take part in all nature-based documentary film festivals around the globe, Patnaik added.

Dattari also has to his credit documentary films on Olive Ridley turtles, Point Calimere, Shola forest of India, on Corbet national park and Indian tigers.

His films have been screened by National Geographic, Animal planet and he is the recipient of a number of national and international awards . PTI

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