Deomali – The highest & largest mountain peak of Odisha , #Koraput #Tourism #Travel #Mountain

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Odisha Hill station & Travel Updates – Deomali – The highest & largest mountain peak of Odisha , #Koraput #Tourism #Travel #Mountain [Article n photo by sajalsheth ]


      Deomali – The highest & largest mountain peak of Odisha , located in the Pottangi Block of Koraput District in the State of Odisha, At approx 1672 metres above sea level, Deomali is the highest peak in Odisha as well as of the Eastern Ghats of India.

Deomali - Highest Peak Point of Odisha 5485 feet above sea level

pic by sajal sheth

The top of the Deomali mountain has flat surface to explore the beauty of the hill and its picturesque scenery. Rare plants, rich flora, endangered medicinal plants will definitely spell bind you.

Odisha Hill station & Travel Updates - Deomali - The highest mountain peak of Odisha , #Koraput #Tourism #Travel #Mountain

It is 35kms from Koraput on NH43 towards Visakhapatnam and is a must see tourist destination. A deviation from NH43 takes you on a beautiful journey to Deomali peak through villages, ghat road and splendid scenery.
SunSet as seen from Deomali - Highest Place of Odisha

The journey to Koraput is scenic and as mentioned above and one will definitely see wolves, foxes, and if one is lucky enough hyenas and bears on the roads. Coming to the scenic part, it is a very scenic to watch but really dangerous for the inexperienced driver who never drove earlier on winding ghat roads (mountain roads), especially trying to avoid ditches, potholes and all other obstacles and the very rude and ignorant bus drivers of the Odisha State Transport Corporation.

How to Go to Deomali :-

By Road:-

Koraput on the hills can be reached from most places in either Odisha or Andhra Pradesh by travelling up a heavily forested winding road (also called a ghat road), with many sharp hair-pin bends. The road trip from either state is quite scenic. It is the most travelled and well maintained. If travelling in the early morning or late evening, you definitely will spot wildlife feeding along the road, or even spot the odd carnivore. There are forests of sandalwood trees all the way.

There are 2 ways to get to Koraput from Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram:-

  1. It is 35kms from Koraput on NH43 towards Visakhapatnam
  2. The route from Visakhapatnam traverses along Pendurthi, Kottavalsa, Srugaravarapu Kota (S.Kota), Araku, Araku Valley and Koraput. This route is a bit long and is well paved till at least the Andhra Pradesh-Odisha border.  As Araku Valleyis a hill station and major tourist attraction in the northern parts of Andhra Pradesh one can get decent accommodation in one of the 3 Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department operated resorts or private hotels at Araku Valley. And from there one can travel to Koraput after a refreshing night in the laps of nature. The road from S.Kota to Araku Valley is a ghat section or a winding mountain road which has 9 hair pin binds on route 1.
Deomali - The highest & largest mountain peak of Odisha  , #Koraput #Tourism #Travel #Mountain

Deomali – The highest & largest mountain peak of Odisha , #Koraput #Tourism #Travel #Mountain

  1. The other route to Koraput from Visakhapatnam goes via Vizianagaram, Gajapathinagaram, Rambhdhrapuram, Salur, Pottangi, Simliguda, Sunabeda (HAL) and Koraput. From Vizianagaram the trip to Koraput is around 150 km and the journey time is usually around 4 to 6 hrs depending on the road conditions, traffic conditions and the weather. The road till the Andhra Pradesh and Odisha border is well maintained on the Andhra Pradesh side.

By Flight :-

There are three airports in the area – one at Visakhapatnam which is just 5 hours by road, the second at Jagdalpur which is just 4 hours to Jeypore and the third one is Raipur which is 7 hour to the Jeypore/ Koraput.

By Train:-

  •      Koraput is connected to Vishakapatnam by a day train and Bhubaneswar by a night train. The Hirakand Express (train number 18447) leaves from Bhubaneswar at night(19.35 hrs), and reaches Koraput, the next morning (09.15 hrs). Most of the people get down at Vizianagaram at around 0200 hrs (please tell the TTE to wake you up) and catch share taxis for Koraput / Sunabeda / Jeypore – it takes around 3 hours and costs around Rs. 250 per person. A passenger train (Visakhapatnam-Kirandaul Passenger, Train Number 1VK) leaves from Vishakapatnam in the morning (0650 hrs), and reaches Koraput by evening (1320 hrs). The journey through the scenic Araku Valley is breathtaking and attracts many tourists.
  • Samleshwri Express has two sleeper, one AC three tire and some general coaches for Koraput.It leaves Howrah at 2135 hrs daily and takes almost 24 hours to reach Koraput via Rourkela, Sambalpur and Rayagada. From Kolkata one can take the Howrah-Koraput express. Another way is to take a train on the Howrah-Chennai route, get down at Vizianagaram (50 km before Visakhapatnam from Kolkata side) and catch share taxis to Koraput which takes 3 hours and costs around 250 Rupees per person.

Deomali is  Best place for :-

  • Best for bikers to see the tip of Odisha.
  • Best for cyclist to see the tip of Odisha.
  • Best for picnic place .
  • Best for Nature lovers .

Best Time to visit Deomali:-

  • The best time to visit this is during Winter.
  • It is a common picnic spot during Christmas and New Year.
  • There are watch towers with accommodation facilities that can be used when staying overnight in Deomali.

Plan to Deomali :-
1. Planning Before Riding
2. Cuttack to ascend of Salur Ghati = Day 1 Part I
3. Crossing Salur Ghati and reaching Kundili = Day 1 Part II
4. Kundili to Deomali Top = Day 1 Part III
5. Mesmerizing sun set from Deomali = Day 1 Part IV
6. Duduma – The Big Triple Waterfalls =Day 2 Part I
7. Full view of gurgling Duduma waterfalls = Day 2 Part II
8. Ride back to Cuttack = Day 3

Deomali – The highest & largest mountain peak of Odisha , #Koraput #Tourism #Travel #Mountain

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