Future Faces – An Upcoming Odissi Event as “Bimohana Kala Samaan” by International Odissi Dancer Rashmi Ranjan

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Future Faces – An Upcoming #Odissi Event as “Bimohana Kala Samaan”  by #International Odissi #Dancer Rashmi Ranjan  #Odisha

” Bimohana Kala Samman ” at Rabindra Mandaap 6.30.p.m on-wards on 8th of June  and The ” Future Faces ” of Odissi at It’s Best also at Rabindra Mandaap 3.30.pm on-wards same day.

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Please join us to bring this odissi festival a grand success

Rashmi Ranjan has high willingness to bring indian classical & Odisha cultural odissi to the lam-lite .

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Why  the Name as “Bimohana Kala Samman “
The word “Bimohana ” it means those who attracted the people through their skills n people got hoitmotised by seeing this and getting so much of happiness from it…so the person who is really very skillful in his or her art will be awarded one by one yearly

About International Odissi Dancer Rashmi Ranjan

Rashmi Ranjan trained and groomed at rudrakshya foundation under the guidance of Guru Sri Bichitra Nanda Swain,  Rashmi  is one of the most versatile dancers of his generation.

Since his childhood, at an age of 11, he has followed his interest in odissi dance and has been pursuing it till date. His  dedication to this art form was further honed kindling a commitment beyond the ordinary.

Rashmi is an unique blend of dancer, stands out for hypnotizing the audience by his intricate footwork, mesmerizing expressions, unbeatable style and perfectionism & continuing his training now at Orissa dance academy under the guidance of Guru smt.Aruna Mohanty A globly known Artist of Odissi Dance .

rashmi ranjan odissi function promoted by eodisha.org

He is renowned internationally for his striking combination of  the male energy with gentle and graceful movements performed without compromising the ancient Indian aesthetic values.It is a treat to watch him live performing.

He is particularly known for hisabhinaya, clarity of line and strong rhythmic command of the idiom .

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Please join us to bring this festival a grand success  to know more please contact the Secretary  9853664755 or the coordinater 9778376463 or mail rashmi.ranjan.dance@gmail.com

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