2017 – The Year of Japan-India Friendship Exchange Celebrated Ahead in Golden Triangle ,#Puri #Odisha

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2017 – The Year of Japan-India Friendship Exchange Celebrated Ahead in Golden Triangle ,#Puri  #Odisha

While celebrating 2017-the Year of Japan-India Friendly Exchange, being declared bilaterally by both the governments, 15 numbers of renowned artists and 20 numbers of exquisite delegates from Japan arriving ‘Golden Triangle’, in the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Puri on 10th Mar 2017 & shall be staying here for 5 days to commemorate this year through ‘JAPANESE FESTIVAL & PURI ROCK FEST-2017’.
We are pleased to grace our audience with following colorful events on the eve of celebrating 2017-The Year of Japan-India Friendly Exchanges.

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– Programme –
•Event No.1 Japanese Rock Band
•Event No.2 Japanese Band
Name-ZYU-KY 15 mts
•Event No.3 Indian Song by Japanese Singers
Name-Moti-Moti 5mts
•Event No.4 Japanese Song by Chandra Sekhar Academy students
Song- If you’re happy and you know it 5 mts
•Event No.5 Japanese Traditional Dance
Form- Bon Odori 15 mts
•Event No.6 Japanese Drum
Form-Wadaiko 15 mts
•Event No.7 India-Japan Mix Band
Song- Jonetsu Tairiku 15 mts.
In the final event we put India-Japan Mix Band to make it feel still dearer & nearer before concluding our Ceremonial Celebration. Japan Festival & Puri Rock Fest 2017. Organized by : India -Japan Friendship Center, Chandra Sekhar Academy(CBSE). Japanese Language&Culture School , puri RockFestival , Odisha In collaboration with –

The artists and delegates from Japan have been brought here to the golden triangle, Odisha to mark this auspicious celebration with the joint collaboration of India-Japan Friendship Center-Japan, India-Japan friendship Center-India & Chandra Sekhar Academy(CBSE & School of Japanese Language & Culture).

On 11th & 13th evening of Mar 2017, the artists shall depict their eloquent performance on the bed of the ‘Golden Beach’ & at sacred ‘Saradhabali’, Puri respectively.Similarly, on 12th Mar 2017 Sunday morning, with the cooperation of Odisha Tourism, the artists shall perform in the venue of ‘Raahgiri-Bhubaneswar’.

Soon after completion of their scheduled performances, the artists & delegates have been designed to visit various Buddhist sites across the state to get a vivid picture of the religious & historical bond between Odisha & Japan. More so, they may spread this message across Japan to attract more and more religious foot-prints from Japan as well as South-East Asian countries here.

The cultural city of Puri, Odisha & Kyoto, Japan have the age-old myth bond of celebrating ‘Chariot Festival’ & ‘Gion Matsuri’ in a similar way. As a gesture of reciprocation, some Odishan artists on a month-long trip shall also be visiting Japan to promote friendly exchange between Odisha & Japan.

This year 2017 also marks the 60th anniversary since the Cultural Agreement came into being in 1957. Through this Japan Festival, it has been expected better people to people friendly exchanges furthering respect and deeper understanding towards each other’s language, culture, art & habitat. Let us all join our hands together to make it happen big and thereby give them message of brotherhood and fellow feeling amid cheers & greetings.

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